Auto Accidents

Needed Evidence

After an accident, the collection of evidence is critical. Certain key pieces of evidence and information often becomes the essential cornerstone or foundation upon which a personal injury claim is based.

Evidence is the critical building block of any personal injury claim, and becomes the justification for the amount and extent of compensation you may be entitled.

In order for the information to be critical, it must first be relevant.

What exactly is “relevant” information and evidence in an accident claim?

More or less, everything and anything in any way to do with your accident and your injuries. No matter how small a detail some bit of information may be can be “relevant”.

For example, at your accident site, it’s critical to notice and write down and photograph the other vehicle, the accident scene, the position of the vehicles, photos of any witnesses and any problems or road or weather conditions that may have played a part in your accident, including, but not limited to:

  • Details and descriptions of damage to all vehicles involved in the accident
  • Identifying information for every vehicle involved
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Especially license numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident
  • Pedestrian and commuter traffic
  • Road and weather conditions

Due to the possible importance of every detail in auto claims, it is usually very helpful to take photos immediately after the accident of any adverse conditions, road damage or vehicle damage.

When you decide to make an auto accident claim, these details will provide the strongest possible support to your claims. Having these details in clear photograph form, their strength is only multiplied from just your testimony, and your overall claim is credited with higher quality proof.

You don’t have to fight for your compensation alone. The legal process of an auto accident claim is highly detailed and complex, and there are many seemingly innocuous ways in which an accident victims can lose their claim completely.

By having an experienced, effective attorney handle your case, you can have be sure that your claim stands a far better chance of success than if it you handled it alone.

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Our auto accident lawyers understand how these claims are handled in the legal process, and know what must be done to get those in need of compensation the compensation they deserve.

Finding the right auto attorney to represent you in your case can be the most beneficial thing you can do to get the support and compensation you deserve; to learn more about our Law Firm, or for more information regarding the accident claim legal process, contact us today.

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