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Texas Road Rage Claims - Maximizing Your Injury Settlement with the Help of an Attorney

According to a 2023 survey of 10,000 drivers, Texas is among the top ten states for confrontational driving. If you’re behind the wheel in the Lone Star State, you may be one of the many who’ve experienced consequences of another driver’s road rage.

A lawyer can help you recover the most possible compensation for the injuries you suffer due to someone else’s driving aggression. Our Texas personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw understand all the legal nuances and precedents that support the best outcomes for your case.

Significance of Road Rage in Texas Driving Accidents

“Road rage” itself isn’t a defined legal offense in Texas. But this extreme emotional response is often behind aggressive driving behaviors such as the following:

  • Tailgating
  • Honking in frustration
  • Angry gestures or yelling
  • Blocking or cutting off drivers
  • Ramming a vehicle

The aggressive acts above indicate clear disregard for other drivers’ safety. If any such behaviors caused your accident, a Texas road rage incident attorney can help you pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

Road Rage as a Criminal Offense

Road rage incidents are often considered serious crimes. If a driver ran you off the road, for instance, a criminal case for assault might occur in addition to your personal injury claim.

Penalties for a criminal case include fines, probation, and incarceration. It’s also possible that an order for victim restitution requires the driver to pay you, though this compensation is separate from your civil case.

Role of Insurance in Road Rage Claims

Because road rage involves intentionally risky behavior, most auto liability policies deny road rage claims. As a result, it can be difficult to secure road rage accident compensation from a reckless or aggressive driver’s insurance company.

This unfortunate fact leaves many Texans feeling helpless after an accident: how can they pursue the financial support they deserve? Our team is dedicated to exploring every possible avenue for legal recourse, starting with insurance benefits.

Exhausting Insurance Options

Although Texas allows drivers to opt out of personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured motorist coverage, you might have these options under your auto policy. When the other policy denies your claim due to road rage, the driver is considered “uninsured,” and your own policy may then cover your injuries. Our lawyers help you understand all of your existing options so that you can file strong, timely claims.

Maximizing Insurance Settlements

Getting compensation from the other driver’s liability insurance might also not be a hopeless case. Your legal team can streamline the road rage injury settlement process from start to finish in a variety of ways:

  • Avoiding actions that work against you, such as making statements or admissions that insurance companies can use to justify denials
  • Securing documentation, such as police reports, that can demonstrate the other driver’s liability and other important facts in your favor
  • Appealing denials and negotiating for maximum benefits
Benefits of an Attorney for Your Texas Road Rage Claim

In addition to handling insurance communications, a legal team knows when to take other legal action. When insurance compensation isn’t sufficient, your lawyers are key to the success of your road rage lawsuit in Texas.

Legal Expertise for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In road rage cases, proving a driver’s recklessness may entitle you to more damages than simply proving negligence. Legal experts ensure that you prove the relevant conditions, as well as liability and the severity of your losses. If you’re in doubt, Carabin Shaw reviews show how we have exceeded our clients’ expectations in the pursuit of justice.

No Additional Financial Risk

Finally, receiving recommendations for your unique case comes without added financial stressors. This is because we offer a free initial consultation, which you can schedule by calling the toll-free number: 800-862-1260. We’re available 24/7 to support you in Spanish or English.

From there, we offer our services on a contingency-fee basis, so you’ll only pay for legal services if we achieve compensation for your Texas road rage claim.

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