Semi Truck Accidents

Act Quickly: To Protect the Evidence

It is very important that you review the following section of our website, if you or a loved one was recently in an accident with an 18-wheeler or big rig.  For most individuals do not realize or are unaware of what some trucking companies will routinely do after a tragic accident in an attempt to shift blame from them or their driver.

Over the years we have seen a handful of owners and/or operators attempt to hide evidence, alter travel logs, fake urine tests and in some cases attempt to destroy evidence. The faster you pick up the phone and retain an experience trucking attorney the less likely such conduct will occur or at least the conduct will be stopped and the evidence will be secured. In some cases it is necessary to obtain an emergency court order preventing the trucking company from altering or destroying evidence at the scene or evidence attached to the wrecked truck or trailer.

Representing victims of tractor-trailer wrecks can present challenges not experienced in most other types of auto accidents. Because some truck operators will do anything they can to attempt to limit their exposure, you should act quickly. If you have been injured or your family has suffered a devastating loss, you need a lawyer who has the experience and resources to act without delay and who have the knowledge to lead an investigation into the cause of the accident and to help you collect the damages you deserve. The Law Firm of Carabin & Shaw has the experience and the resources to protect you and your family. If you need our Law Firm on your side call us day or night at 1.800.862.1260.