Semi Truck Accidents

Effective Tools in 18 Wheeler Cases

18 wheeler and commercial cases are of a more intricate nature than regular car accidents. These cases often involve catastrophic and fatal injuries. It is important that your attorney has the tools that are instrumental in successfully fighting these cases. 
  1. Electronic Control Models: ECMs contain downloadable data regarding the vehicle’s speed. Trucking companies use this to cut costs and monitor the driver’s use of fuel. However, this device can be a powerful tool to demonstrate the companies disregard of prior dangerous behavior.
  2. Motor Vehicle Records: MVR information regarding the driver of the commercial vehicle aid in establishing the negligence of the driver. Such records can be used to show a demonstrable past of reckless and dangerous conduct.  
  3. Investigators: The research and time in these cases go well beyond the police report. It is imperative to have a team of investigators at your attorney’s disposal to fully prosecute an 18 wheeler accident. 

These are just some of the tools that our team uses to get you the and your loved ones the compensation you deserve. Contact Carabin Shaw, P.C. to obtain fight for your rights on 18 wheeler cases.