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Causes for Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks comprise almost 5% of all freeway vehicular traffic. That figure increases with each passing year; in the most dense traffic areas of the country, 1 in 4 automobiles is a semi-truck. In fact, trucks make up more than 10% of all interstate miles driven. With almost 80% of all domestic goods moved cross-country in commercial trucks, accidents can potentially happen to any party forced to share the road with the trucking industry. Due to the large variance in vehicle size and weight (not to mention speed) from other automobiles, trucks of this magnitude pose a sizable hazard to other drivers in smaller cars. Road conditions can also pose a threat; in fact, 32% of San Antonio’s roads alone are classified as ‘poor’.

Trucking accidents can be caused by an endless combination of variables. The most obvious ones are external; threatening weather conditions, on-road debris, mechanical failure. The one variable that can be controlled however, is personnel. Unfortunately, drivers of these trucks are often unqualified, or placed in charge of a vehicle without proper background checks and/or biographical research into past jobs and personal records.

All too often, companies select employees through a hiring process devoid of appropriate drug screening or investigation into driving records and police records. This sort of negligence increases the possibility of a company hiring someone with a history of drug/alcohol/substance abuse, up to and including DUI’s and arrests for various types of recklessness behind the wheel. Other times, drivers are hired and placed behind the wheel of a big rig without the trucking company first providing proper training and safety education necessary for competent and unassailable semi-truck operation. Causes For Trucking Accidents lawyers at Carabin Shaw in San Antonio take all of this into account when building a victim’s case against a trucking company’s oversight.

Of course, even without these sorts of blatant disregard for safety, the truth is, even the most qualified and highly trained truck drivers can create a hazard on the road due to lack of sleep, strenuous workload, or pressure of meeting a delivery deadline. Unfortunately for accident victims, the trucking company will most always side with their drivers in case of Semi Truck Accidents/18-Wheeler Accidents. This might include attempting to place blame on you, the victim, regardless of how apparent it may be that the truck driver’s own negligence was the cause of the mishap. Thankfully, an experienced and dedicated lawyer who specializes in commercial truck accident cases can help. That is where a San Antonio trucking accident lawyer comes into play. Attorneys at Carabin Shaw have the answers regarding your causes for trucking accident questions.

San Antonio trucking lawyers are highly trained to filter through the facts, attain driver’s past records, and research the finite details of each case to make sure responsibility for the accident falls on the proper party. The city of San Antonio is a burgeoning one that is currently experiencing exponential growth. The sheer amount of traffic increases each year, and so do highway accidents involving dangerous and large commercial vehicles.

Far too many tragedies involving semi trucks on the road could have been prevented altogether. Even despite more strict regulations on hiring and background check practices and an increase in acceptable work hours for truck drivers, many corporations and companies continue to ignore their well being and elect instead to focus on their profits. Our attorneys know this, and will stop at nothing to provide a fair and balanced case for you if you fall victim to said corporations neglect in the form of a trucking accident.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a semi-truck related accident in San Antonio, you need the help of a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable lawyer to ensure you receive the care, comfort, and compensation that you deserve. Call our attorneys for a free consultation regarding your questions about causes for trucking accidents, toll free.

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