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Basic Info Your Lawyer Will Need to Know

After an auto accident and even more so, in some regards after an 19 wheeler accident, your lawyer will have several questions for you in your first meeting.
You do not need to have all the answers, but you should know what some of the basic questions will be asked of you, so you can be as prepared as possible, for your meeting. 

The more prepared and organized you are, the more quickly your attorney will be able to work up your case and get you what you deserve. However, if you do not have all of the answers, there is no need to worry - these things can be tracked down pretty quickly. 
  1. Pre-Accident Info and Details:  Where were you coming from, and where were you going? What had you done earlier that day and the night before?
  2. Accident details: This involves the actual facts of the accident; date, time, location, weather conditions, the type of truck that hit you, the type of trailer involved, other passengers in your vehicle, and any witnesses you are aware of. 
  3. Post Accident details: These facts involve the things that happened in the 12 to 24 hours immediately after the accident. Who assisted you after the accident? Were the police called? Were you taken to a hospital? Did you travel by ambulance? What happened to your vehicle? Finally, the names of anyone you spoke with after the accident and the details of any conversation you had will be needed.
  4. Medical details: What injuries did you suffer? How were they treated? Did you require emergency surgery? What other procedures have you undergone to treat your injuries? What are your doctors saying about your recovery? Are you still being treated? Have you fully healed?
  5. Medical Bills:  Your attorney will need to know what you have paid doctors, pharmacies, emergency responders, and hospitals for your treatments since the accident.
  6. Damages: How much time did you miss from work? How much money did you lose as a result of not being able to work? Have you suffered any other damages as a result of not being able to work and pay bills?
  7. Pain levels: If you still have lingering pain from the injuries you suffered in your accident, you need to tell your lawyer about it. Your attorney will need to include that amount in your damages calculations.
  8. Effect on your family: Is your family taking care of you while you recover? How has the accident affected them? Are they having to miss work to care for you? How much work have they missed? How much money have they lost as a result?
  9. Statements: Have you talked to anyone else about your accident?  Has the 18 wheeler’s insurance company attempted to contact you and or request you sign any waivers?
  10. If you have any photos of while you were in the hospital, if applicable, or photos of the scene or of your car and any photos of any scars, bruising or other visible injuries. 
  11. Have you ever been injured before, if yes to what body parts.
  12. Have you ever been in a accident before, what type when and where and the severity of the accidents.
 The list of items above is very important that will begin to create the building blocks of your case of your case. The more facts you are able to present to our Office, the more we will be able to help you. If you do not know the answers to all of these questions, don’t worry – we can contact the responding police department and get a copy of the police report and begin building up the answers to these questions and your case that way.
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