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Burn Injury

James Michael Shaw

Only people who have experienced a bad burn injury can really understand the level of pain involved. If having a kidney stone or childbirth ranks at a 10 on a 10 point level of pain scale, debridement and hydrotherapy and after suffering massive burns involving skin grafts ranks up into the hundreds or evn the thousands on a similar scale.

Words fail describe that level of pain. It is unbelievable and surreal. Only screaming from the depths of one’s soul can begin to express it. I know this because I have been there.

And suffering such and injury, I most strongly encourage persons injured by burns to see things positively, and to move on with their normal lives to the maximum extent possible.

For victims of a burn injury and their loved ones and families, the long road towards recovery is difficult and takes work and a good attitude. The experienced lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help with this process.

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There are at least four primary categories injuries caused by burns:

  1. The least serious are first degree burns
  2. Superficial or lighter second degree burns
  3. Deep seated second degree burns
  4. Third degree, or the most serious, type burns

First-degree burns generally affect the only the outer layers of your skin, This is called the epidermis. A first-degree type tends to be moist or wet and red colored. Such burns generally resolve inside of a week. A classic or typical example of this type of burn could be a mild sunburn.

A superficial, or less severe, second-degree burn usually penetrates through the entire epidermal layer of the skin and goes through and down to the next layer of the skin, This is known by the term “dermis.” Pressure upon most second-degree burns tends to create red blanches. This type of burn may well appear moist or wet and pink in color. A superficial second-degree burn usually also will heal by itself, frequently inside of two weeks.

A “full thickness” second degree burn is different from a superficial type second degree burns. This is because the destruction of tissue goes deeper into and within the dermis. These types of burns are most common in explosions. This type of burn will be dryish and generally white in color. It won’t make red blanches if pressure is applied. This kind of burn tends to take several weeks to fully heal. There is a real risk that deep “second degree” burns will leave hypertrophic or thick scars.

Third degree type burns are definitely the most severe burn classification. These burns happen when a burn has destroyed both layers of skin, the dermal and the epidermal and gone through to the layer called “subcutaneous tissue.” This type of burn may appear physically depressed, leather like and charred in appearance.

Ironically, third degree burns tend not be as physically difficult and painful, initially, as the less severe burn types. This is because of the extensive destroyed nerve endings. These types of burns are always quite serious and they often require one or more skin grafts or other difficult reconstructive procedures.

Our legal team has many years of experience getting our clients their full fair and legal damages for all types of burn injuries. Give us a call no matter which type of burn you suffer. We can evaluate any and all possible claims aggressively pursue those that have merit.

Call us at Carabin Shaw, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

Burn injuries are also generally classified into two distinct categories: “partial thickness” burns and “full thickness” burns. “Partial thickness” type burns include both first and second degree types, while “full thickness” type burn injuries generally involve third degree burns.

These descriptions only discuss the general characteristics of burn injuries. You should never try to diagnose the seriousness any burn injury by yourself. You need, and should get immediate medical attention. This can minimize your pain and promote a faster recovery. If there is a severe burn, immediate medical attention may also save lives.

I am not a doctor. I am just a guy who has unfortunately been there. I cannot, and am not, giving medical advice. All victims of any burn should seek immediate medical advice. Guidance from a physician at a burn clinic or hospital where they can get treatment can make all the difference.

Call us at Carabin Shaw, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

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