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Personal Injury Law - Settlement

Almost every type of accident injury falls under an area of the law called personal injury. Another way to look at it is that personal injury law is kind of like an umbrella that covers most other types of accidents. If you have been in a multiple party accident involving an 18-wheeler and a motorcycle, your case would be involved in several different areas of the law: multiple party accident law, 18-wheeler accident law, motorcycle accident law, and the unspoken, unwritten, but ever-present personal injury law. This is as true in San Antonio as it is everywhere else.

Most attorneys will simply lump all of a victim’s injuries under one heading and try to get a personal injury law settlement as quickly as possible. At Carabin Shaw, our lawyers know how to differentiate between these different areas and will advocate for your rights by making sure each claim available to you is filed and carried through to successful completion.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a case resolve itself quickly into a personal injury law settlement. When a client comes to us and it is clear that personal injury is the sole element at play, our lawyers will often negotiate with the opposing insurance company for the highest amount of compensation allowable and settle out of court. But these cases are as rare as auto accident cases that do not also involve a claim for personal injury.

In San Antonio, the most common personal injury only cases involve situations where the circumstances that led to the accident were caused solely by one individual and our client was harmed in the course of truly accidental contact with this otherwise non-harmful situation. As you can imagine, these criteria are rarely met.

On the other hand, every San Antonio auto accident, worksite accident, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation claim will also involve personal injury. This is because each person injured in all of the above scenarios has two larger types of claims to consider: claims based on context, and claims based on injury. Both types of claims are connected, and this is what makes it easy for a less scrupulous lawyer to take advantage of both the system and their client and reduce their own paperwork load by focusing solely on one or the other claim.

Our San Antonio personal injury attorney knows that their first job is to assess which other areas of the law might intersect with a particular client’s circumstances. This gives them time to coordinate with other San Antonio specialists and gather all of the information necessary to build a successful claim on all fronts. Then, once collaboration with these other parts of the legal process has been established, our attorney can focus on their area of expertise and include pertinent information from other claims as needed.

This is how we create a successful claim for personal injury law settlement. Our lawyers make sure each separate claim speaks to all of the others we will file on your behalf. This integrated method carries enormous persuasive weight in court as well, and the opposing parties are unable to construct such a comprehensive defense because they are so focused on their singular area of liability.

If some or most of the above information seems a little confusing, do not worry. Before we agree to represent your case, we will meet with you completely free of charge and have what we call a consultation. This gives us a chance to hear all the details of your story and explain the legal strategy we would most likely use to earn the greatest amount of compensation for you and your family.

Give us a call in San Antonio at 210-222-2288, or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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