Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

Most boating accidents in Texas have been blamed on negligence. If a person does not exercise reasonable care, he/she may be found negligent when death or injury results. The persons that may be found responsible for accidents include the boat owners, boat operators, manufacturers, rental or sales company, sellers of alcohol, owners of bars etc. However, the responsibility for accidents is not limited to these people only. There are some cases when social hosts can be held liable when there is a boating Jet Ski accident.

To prevail in a Boating & Jet Ski Accident negligence suit, an experienced and knowledgeable boating accident attorney is needed. Your attorney will show:

  1. It was the responsibility of the other party to exercise some duty of care
  2. The duty of care that you deserved to get was breached by some act or omission.
  3. You or a loved one sustained an injury (or a loved one was killed).
  4. The injury / accident was directly caused by the breach.

Examples of cases where there is a breach of the duty of care includes;

  1. Unqualified or inexperienced operators
  2. Failure to pay attention to other people in the surroundings including swimmer and other boats
  3. Driving when vision is restricted
  4. Nonexistent or insufficient navigation lights
  5. Boating in bad weather or in hazardous waters
  6. Failure to carry safety equipment
  7. Driving at high speeds
  8. Overloading of the boat
  9. Not following the 'rules of driving'
  10. Boating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  11. Defective equipment or machinery

Lawsuits are not limited only to the cases mentioned above. There are other causes of action that can lead to filing of lawsuits e.g. reckless operation of machinery. When operators violate their responsibility by willingly disregarding the safety of other people or property, our experienced attorneys will not only work towards proving that there were elements of negligence, he/she will also work to show that there was breaching of the duty of care by a willful disregard.

Injuries resulting from a boat & Jet Ski accident can be very serious. They can keep you in bed and out of work for a long time, or even cause death. You need a compensation that matches your loss. A fair compensation can only be negotiated by an experienced attorney. If you or your loved one has suffered from injuries resulting from a boating accident, Jet Ski accident or personal watercraft accident, don’t hesitate to talk to Carabin Shaw law firm. You can call anytime, day or night at 1.800.862.1260. Making the call as well as consultation is free of charge. We won’t charge a fee unless we win your case. Call now. We can help!

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