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Improper Load – Overweight Cargo

While there are many key factors at play if one wants to safely tow a commercial load across the Texas highways, one of the most important concerns is to make sure that the cargo in question is properly secured. An improper load and overweight cargo are extremely common causes for fatal 18-wheeler accidents on Texas roads. Loads that are unbalanced, overweight, or shift in transit can because a semi truck to lose control. Semi truck accidents / 18-wheeler accidents account for a large portion of annual fatalities and injuries, and as such, it becomes the duty of every commercial driver to do their part to properly prepare before any given journey. Whenever there are injuries or fatalities that arise from an improper load, or overweight cargo, often times attorneys are needed to ensure that truckers and commercial transportation companies are held accountable. Whether driving out on a long haul through the Texas countryside, or cruising along the bustling city streets of urban centers (such as Dallas, Houston or San Antonio), safety should always be a commercial driver's first priority! So here are some helpful tips to make sure commercial drivers stay safe on public roadways.

Improper Load

A truck driver is responsible for the load that he is transporting. Correct truck loading is very important for the safety of the driver and the other vehicles on the road. The result of a load shift or load loss can be a serious or even fatal semi truck accident. Truck drivers must always remember to load the heaviest portion of their towed cargo toward the end of the trailer closest to the driver's cab. This allows the weight to keep the trailer front in line with the maneuvers of the driver's cab and prevents the rear of the trailer from fishtailing in the event of external interference from wind, roadway obstructions, or unexpected and abrupt changes in course. Fishtailing is one quickest ways to cause a massive pile-up, especially when on busy high-ways like San Antonio's stretch of inerstate-35.

Overweight Cargo

Federal, state, and local regulations govern the weight of commercial vehicles. They address the gross commercial vehicle weight, gross combination weight, the axle weight, and tire load. The weight must be balanced properly so that one axle or a set of axles is not overloaded. The problem with overloading a vehicle is that it can affect its steering and braking leading to potential fatal truck accidents. Once a commercial driver has lost his or her ability to steer there's little hope that he or she will be able to regain control of such a massive vehicle. An overloaded vehicle takes longer to stop. They also go slower on upgrades and faster on downgrades. When the brakes of an overloaded truck are forced to work too hard, they can fail and result in a semi truck accident in Texas, especially San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Truck accidents are often cause for litigation. It is wise to contact an experienced semi truck accident attorney if you have been injured by a semi truck, or a loved one has been injured or killed in an 18 wheeler accident. If you're looking for the best San Antonio semi truck accident lawyer available, then you need look no further than the experienced team of attorneys at Carabin Shaw! The attorneys at Carabin Shaw understand the unique legal and practical problems associated with 18 wheeler accidents and other truck crashes and have experience dealing with the issues that arise in such cases. We offer free initial consultations and work on a contingent fee basis, which means that there is no fee unless we successfully resolve your case.

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