Semi Truck Accidents

Poor Maintenance = Accidents


Did you know that a poorly maintained commercial truck is a very common cause of fatal 18-wheeler accidents. It is important to hold Commercial Trucking Companies responsible for ensuring that their 18 Wheeler Trucks are properly inspected and maintained.

The failure to maintain the cab, trailer, hydraulic brakes, or tires of a tractor-trailer rig can often result in devastating accidents. The negligence to properly maintain an 18 wheeler can be the responsibility of the trucking company, a maintenance contractor, or the driver himself. All to often evidence of inadequate or negligent maintenance procedures can be ambiguous and difficult to discern.  You need a lawyer who will work closely with experienced accident reconstruction and technical experts that understand maintence issue and who can determine the real cause of an 18-wheeler accident and can properly identify the at fault parties. By using State records and company documents and records that trucking companies and drivers must maintain, our lawyers and industry experts carefully review all aspects of the case. We can examine the Drivers' Daily Vehicle Condition Report, the Drivers' Vehicle Inspection Record, company records from the vehicle's on-board computer, and other maintenance and operating records.

On trucking cases involving inadequate vehicle maintenance, there often can be multiple liable parties. Our lawyers thoroughly review all such data to determine who is at fault. Then we go to work to build a strong case against the companies and/or the driver. In the aftermath of a serious accident, the injured parties or surviving family members may feel overwhelmed by medical, emotional, and financial concerns. However, it is extremely important that they engage the services of an experienced law firm.