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Poor Maintenance = Accidents

One of the most common factors in accidents involving 18-wheelers is the poor maintenance of commercial trucks. It’s important to hold commercial trucking companies responsible for ensuring that their semi-trucks are properly inspected and maintained at all times. The math is simple: poor maintenance equals accidents. That’s why it’s important to know an attorney based in San Antonio who can help determine if an accident was the result of insufficient maintenance.

Commercial trucks are complex vehicles. Between the cab, trailer, hydraulic brakes, and large tires, the failure of any one or a combination of these components can result in accidents, often with devastating consequences. When an 18-wheeler has not been maintained properly, that negligence can be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle, often a large trucking company, contractor, or even the driver.

It’s not always easy to identify evidence pointing to inadequate care or poor maintenance, making discerning the cause of vehicle failure difficult. A San Antonio poor maintenance accident lawyer will work with experts who are able to reconstruct an accident and determine where negligence lies. Carabin Shaw has the experienced lawyers need to ensure justice and compensation on your behalf.

Drivers of semi-trucks are required by law to keep a daily vehicle condition report and an inspection record of their vehicle. There are also company records from an 18-wheeler’s on board computer that are important to determining whether or not the vehicle meets legal standards of maintenance. An attorney will have access to this information through an analysis of state records and company documents and files.

Poor maintenance equals accidents and when an 18-wheeler is involved, the risk for serious injury or even death is significant both to the operators of the semi-trucks and to drivers of passenger vehicles and motorcycles. The truck operator and the company that employs him have a responsibility to make sure their vehicles are maintained with the highest degree of care to avoid causing accidents that can injury or kill others on the road.

The majority of 18-wheeler accidents happen outside of urban areas. Given large, open areas of land it's no surprise that California and Texas lead the nation in fatalities ever year. In Texas alone, 705 people lost their lives in 2021 in a commercial vehicle crash. Far too many of those accidents happen right here in San Antonio.

Since 2018, the number of people who were injured in semi-truck accidents has decreased slightly to 81,603 from 92,510. Some of the more serious injuries resulted in brain damage, spinal cord injury, compound fractures, and horrific burns that left the victim permanently disfigured. Saddest of all is that most of these accidents were entirely avoidable were it not for the negligent failure of the drivers and owners of the semi-trucks to keep their vehicles maintained properly. After all is said and done, poor maintenance equals accidents, plain and simple.

When an accident with a poorly maintained 18-wheeler happens, it’s important to identify all of the responsible parties. This isn’t always easy, but an experienced lawyer will thoroughly review all available data and information to determine who is at fault. Our team of lawyers at Carabin Shaw is prepared to do that work for you.

After an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may be overwhelmed with medical bills and other financial issues. We labor tirelessly to develop your case and will work on your behalf to hold those responsible for your injury or loss accountable to compensate you fairly.

The team of attorneys at Carabin Shaw are based right here in San Antonio. Our attorneys take on the hard work of performing an extensive investigation of an accident, pinpoint the negligent party, and negotiate with insurers of the big trucking companies. Call us to schedule a free consultation at our San Antonio office by dialing 800-862-1260.

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