Auto Accidents

My Family and I have Been Hurt in a Car Accident. Do We Have a Claim?

1. Do We have a claim?

In order to properly assess whether you and your family have a pursuable legal claim, the following must be reviewed: 1) liability, 2) damages, and 3) is there insurance

In Texas, when reviewing liability, you need to assess the facts and law to determine if the defendant owed a duty of care to you, breached that duty, the breach was the proximate cause of your damages (injuries). 2) Then under at Texas Law a review must be made of you or your family’s damages (injuries).

Every day, we are asked to provide a review the liability and damage aspects of accident cases. Our Law Firm does this work for free and without obligation. We are capable of evaluating the matter and proving to you sound advice of whether to proceed and how to proceed and against who to proceed.

When we evaluate damages we will help you review and recover your damages, if we accept your case. Damages can be noneconomic damages (i.e. pain and suffering for your injuries) and/or economic (i.e. medical bills in the past, medical bills in the future, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, etc.).

The injuries and damages must be substantial enough to make a case worthwhile and economical to pursue. The value of a case will be in proportion to the severity and permanency of your injuries and/or the medical expenses must be sufficient to justify proceeding forward.

Call us day or night, we can schedule a in-person meeting with you or discuss your claim over the phone. The call to us is free. The consultation is free. Call 210.222.2288 or toll free 1.800.862.1260.

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