Auto Accidents

What Happens If You Are A Passenger Involved In An Accident?

If you are passenger involved in an auto accident, you are entitled to be compensated for any injuries you sustained. Passengers are especially vulnerable in accidents. As a passenger, you are not in control of the vehicle and are unable to take corrective action to avoid an accident or minimize the impact when an accident occurs. Your well being is essentially left in the hands of your driver, as well as the other drivers on the road. Fortunately, the law entitles you to recover when either the driver of the car you are in or another driver on the road causes you injury.

If you are a passenger injured in car accident, you may have a claim against the driver of the vehicle you were riding in, as well as any other negligent drivers involved in the accident. If multiple drivers were negligent, then each will be responsible for an allotted portion of responsibility equal to their fault. Similar to a driver who was injured by another’s negligence, you, as a passenger, are also entitled to compensation for your injuries. However, passengers often face unique difficulties when dealing with insurance companies because information on police reports relating to the injuries of passengers is often limited. While it is always important to have an attorney when you have been involved in an accident, it is especially important if you were the passenger in the vehicle. If you were a passenger involved in a motor vehicle accident, call us today.