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Bus Accident Lawyers

From public transportation to our city’s schools, buses are a significant means of transportation for San Antonio residents. Bus rides for most passengers are an uneventful part of everyday life; but there are occasions when the unexpected happens, and you may find yourself considering whether to call an attorney to help.

Every day, men, women, and children trust city buses to take them safely and without incident from point A to point B. Unfortunately, there are times when that trust is violated through the negligent act of another party. Such negligence leads to accidents that can result in serious personal injury or even death. When this happens to you or a loved one, you aren’t alone. You have options that can help recover after a tragic bus accident, and there are skilled San Antonio bus crash lawyers ready to help you.

It’s critical to know your legal rights for your own benefit and that of your family’s. State law designates most commercially owned buses as “common carriers.” This designation means that the operator of the bus is under the highest duty of the law to act responsibly and protect their passengers while transporting them to their destination. There are times, however, when bus drivers fall short in meeting their legal responsibility and you need a lawyer to help make sure your rights aren’t neglected.

Through any number of negligent acts, bus operators put themselves and the companies for which they work in a position of being legally responsible for the injuries of others. An experienced bus accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal aftermath of an accident.

There are several scenarios in which buses are involved in accidents. The specific circumstances of the accident will determine the parties responsible for compensating you for your injuries. The most common bus accidents involve:

A number of factors can contribute to a bus accident, and no two bus accidents are the same. There are, however, common issues in major bus accidents that should always be investigated, especially if it involves a serious injury or death.

Some of these issues include

  • Whether proper maintenance has been performed on the bus,
  • Negligent driving,
  • Aggressive driving,
  • Dangerous streets and freeways,
  • Defective replacement parts,
  • Defective highway materials,
  • Overworked drivers,
  • Distracted drivers,
  • And under-trained drivers.

A bus accident lawyer with experience will know what issues need to be addressed.

Bus drivers have a greater number of responsibilities when operating their vehicles. In addition to things for which all drivers are responsible — such as heeding traffic and speed signage, the weather, surface and pavement issues, other aggressive or other negligent drivers, and traffic spacing — bus operators must be vigilant to give attention to a host of other matters.

When serious injury or a fatality occurs as the result of a bus accident in San Antonio, determining who the responsible parties are can be an overwhelming task. You may be contacted by insurance companies or lawyers most likely representing the company that owns the bus. But liability may not lie just with that company; for example, if an organization has rented the bus, it may also be liable for your injuries.

After a bus accident in San Antonio, you may be asked to give statements, complete forms, provide documentation for your medical expenses, and face the uncertainty of lost wages. If a fatality is involved, you have funeral expenses along with a host of other legal issues that may factor into the compensation you are entitled to recover. You don’t need to go through this experience alone when an attorney is ready to help.

Knowing the best course of action isn’t something you want to determine on your own. The dedicated bus accident lawyers of Carabin Shaw can help you recover after a tragedy. We have the resources and experience to help.

If you or a loved one has been injured or wrongfully killed in a bus accident in San Antonio, call us today. The initial consultation with one of our lawyers is free and you won’t pay anything unless we win your case. Reach us anytime, day or night, seven days a week, at 800-862-1260.

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