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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers

Are You in Texas? Were You Injured or did You Family Suffer a Loss From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any death and determining any possible claims.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is frequently referred to as a “silent killer” due to its being an odorless and colorless gas which is among Texas’ leading causes of poisoning injuries and deaths. Being excessively exposed to noxious, gaseous carbon monoxide may well actually interfere with a human or animal’s body having sufficient ability to get life giving oxygen to vital organs, including the brain.

Our San Antonio Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers at Carabin Shaw investigate any potential poisonings by carbon monoxide potential lawsuits to figure out whether any financial compensation is to be had from anyone who is or could have been responsible for the injuries in question, like:

  • Entities responsible for maintenance such as repair companies
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Builders
  • Property Owners or Landlords

All our cases get reviewed by our lawyers themselves under contingency fee agreements. This means that you owe us no expenses or attorney fees unless you recover money or win! We only make any money if you do also. That is really how it works.

To get a review of any potential claim for a loved one or for you call Carabin Shaw’s San Antonio Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers today at 800-862-1260.

What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is a gas which is generated by various products and engines which burn fuel containing carbon. It results from the organic matter used as fuel incompletely combusting.

Normally, carbon based fuel oxidizes into carbon dioxide (co2). If the oxygen supply is insufficient to create complete oxidation of the fuel, the residual carbon is emitted into the atmosphere as carbon monoxide (co). If this particular gas, co, increases to a dangerous level inside a fully or partially enclosed space, the gas may then pose a life-threatening risk to animals and humans.

Due to carbon monoxide having no color, odor or other smell, it can be difficult to notice, identify and detect and thus often exposes people and animals for a lengthy time period. This can be especially possible if someone is asleep or doesn’t leave am area after the symptoms of poisoning by carbon monoxide become noticeable, such as:

  • Flu like symptoms
  • Light headedness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

If you are suffering from these symptoms, and the doctors you have seen cannot figure out what is wrong, call one of our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorneys in San Antonio today. We have already established relationships with the medical professionals who know what to look for and to check for CO poisoning. We can help if you let us.

Injury Risks From Carbon Monoxide

In a great many cases, leaks of carbon monoxide result from another person or entity’s negligence, or when a property owner fails to take the right, or enough, steps to avoid releasing gaseous carbon monoxide into enclosed spaces.

Even quite short-term exposure to this dangerous gas frequently causes acute poisoning by carbon monoxide, possibly resulting in life long and severe injury, such as:

  • Chronic Migraines, Vision Loss or Hearing Loss
  • Personality Changes and Depression
  • Cardiac Arrest or Hear Attack
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Brain Damage

Exposure to gaseous carbon monoxide sometimes results in lost consciousness. Treatment sometimes requires hyperbaric chambers or pure oxygen.

In particularly severe cases, people may actually die. Those who suffer wrongful death from poisoning by carbon monoxide frequently leave families with unanswered questions about how to avoid such exposure.

The Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorneys in San Antonio at Carabin Shaw can help determine whether an injury may have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable care by a property owner, repair/maintenance company or other entity.

Are you in Texas? Were you injured or did you family suffer a loss from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any death and determining any possible claims.

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