Auto Accidents

Cell Phones and Texting While Driving is Dangerous

Everyday, we see drivers attempting to talk on the phone and/or text and drive. Now research studies have confirmed that being distracted by cell phone calls and texting is extremely dangerous and can create extremely hazardous conditions for both for the driver and for everyone else on the road.

Recently, a tow truck driver was texting on one cell phone while talking on another when he slammed into a car and crashed into a swimming pool. According to the sheriff’s deputies, the 25-year-old truck driver admitted he was texting and talking when his flatbed truck hit the car on the morning in question. The car that was hit by the truck then crashed through a fence and sideswiped a house before rolling into an in-ground pool.

The 68-year-old woman driving the car suffered head injuries and fortunately was in good condition. Her eight-year-old niece suffered minor injuries. The truck driver was charged with reckless driving, talking on a cell phone and following too closely. While the injuries in this incident were relatively minor-and no person was killed-it teaches a very good lesson. Do not talk on a cell phone or text while driving a motor vehicle. This should be a lesson for all of us.