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Uber Injury Lawyers

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft have made it increasingly easier, cheaper, and more convenient to travel from place to place relatively effort free. However, there is just as much of a risk of accident or casualty in someone else’s car as there is in your own vehicle. And while these services do facilitate easier travel, they may bring about increased levels of confusion and uncertainty in the wake of an accident. For an ever-growing urban area like San Antonio, as traffic increases, so too does ride-share traffic, as well as chances for an accident.

If you are injured during an Uber or Lyft trip or by a reckless Uber or Lyft driver, you may need to file an injury claim for losses accrued. If you need help with an injury claim related to an accident that occurred in a ride-sharing accident and you are in the San Antonio area, call an Uber injury lawyer at Carabin Shaw.

If an accident such as this occurs, you may have a claim against the driver, the driving service, and/or the insurance company who insures the driver. Call the lawyers at our firm today for more information. Your case, depending on the severity of the accident and the amount of injuries and damages, will be made against just the driver or the company. Additionally, a number of factors, including proving liability or who is at fault for the accident and damages, injuries, and/or the overall cost of the accident, can play into our ability to obtain you due recompense.

One of our Uber injury lawyers will be glad to assist you in filing an Uber or Lyft injury claim. The case may begin with a claim against the driver and his or her personal insurance company, or it may be most effectively death with directly with the parent companies of Lyft or Uber. This depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Regardless of who is at fault, these Uber injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw will fight at all costs to determine what the best plan of action is moving forward after the accident. The experienced attorneys at our law firm want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

In recent cases, Uber and Lyft has sometimes attempted to claim or assert that such drivers are independent contractors who are not under direct control by the service company. In some cases, the issue of legality focuses on the selection process for engaging drivers. The truth is, sometimes Uber and Lyft are negligent in their driver selection process. They may not execute full background checks, skim over important details within those background checks, or fail to research criminal and driving records. A San Antonio rideshare accident attorney will research whether or not the drivers have inadequate skills required to safely drive for these services, and if perhaps Lyft and Uber are allowing unsafe or under qualified drivers to pick up passengers. Our attorneys will fight for those people who have been placed in harm’s way due to this sort of negligence.

In some cases, the injured person has argued that Uber and Lyft selection process for drivers in negligent and therefore places responsibility on these companies. In other cases, it can be effectively argued that Uber is causing distractions to and for its drivers because the service is connected to its drivers via a mobile application. The smartphone app itself could be construed as an institutionalized driving distraction, and thus constitutes negligence on Uber’s part.

Contact the San Antonio attorneys at Carabin Shaw via email or by phone, day or night. We are willing to offer a free consultation so that you know what your options are moving forward. Dealing with an unforeseen mishap as an Uber or Lyft passenger at the time of an accident can be a confusing time. Do not feel like you have to fight this battle alone. Thankfully, Carabin Shaw’s Texas ride-share car accident lawyers are here to help.

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