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If you are injured during an Uber or Lyft trip or by a reckless Uber or Lyft driver you may need to file an injury claim for their losses.

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If an accident occurs you may have a claim against the driver, the driving service and the insurance company insuring the driver. Call our Office for more information.

Your case, depending on the severity of the accident and the amount of injuries and damages will be made against just the driver or the company. Additionally, a number of factors, including proving liability or who is at fault for the accident and damages, injuries and or the overall cost of the accident.

Call us and we will assist you in filing an Uber or Lyft injury claim. The case may start with a claim against the driver and his or her personal insurance company or it may be against Lyft or Uber.

In recent cases Uber and Lyft has attempt to claim or assert that such drivers are independent contractors who are not under direct control by the service company.

In sime cases the legal issue focuses on the selection process for engaging drivers. That basically Uber and Lyft are negligent in their driver selection process. That the drivers have inadequate skills, and that Lyft and Uber are allowing unsafe drivers to pick up passengers.

In some cases the injured person has argued that Uber and Lyft selection process for drivers is negligent and therefore establishes responsibility.

In krder cases it is being argued that Uber is causing distractions to and for its drivers for the service is connected to its drivers via a mobile application, that app itself could be construed as an institutionalized driving distraction, and thus constitute negligence on Uber’s part.

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