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Dangers on the Roads

In your lifetime, chances are twice more likely to be in a car accident than be struck by lightning. In fact, by the time you have lived forty years of your life, it is an almost unavoidable truth that you will have experienced a car wreck to some degree. Many accidents aren’t caused by other drivers, but by poorly maintained roads, and San Antonio has some of the worst.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or road mishap due to dangerous or hazardous road conditions in San Antonio and the surrounding region, call a San Antonio motor vehicle accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw today. Our attorneys serving San Antonio are available to assist victims in ensuring that they receive fair treatment after filing any and all claims related to auto accidents.

It is no secret that roads and highways of San Antonio can be dangerous. As of 2015, the average American drove almost 14,000 miles a year, and in large, sprawling metropolises with intense traffic like Los Angeles or New York City, that number is more than twice as high. When combined with the fact that Americans spend almost 18,000 minutes per year behind the wheel and on these roads, it becomes quite apparent that the risk of dangers on the roads should be taken seriously.

Auto accidents may develop out of any of a number of circumstances that may arise from dangers on the roads, some preventable, and some completely unavoidable and impossible to plan for. These can include external conditions like

  • Abrupt changes in weather,
  • Slick surfaces caused by rain or oil,
  • Displacement of debris due to strong winds,
  • Or loose truckloads of materials coming undone.

Other circumstances which may be completely out of your control as a driver but still cause accidents are

  • Other driver’s negligence or inattentiveness,
  • Distracted pedestrians,
  • Drunk or fatigued adjacent drivers,
  • Construction sites without proper roadblocks to separate construction zones,
  • Or impatient drivers attempting to ‘beat’ traffic at the expense of safety.

Car wreck victims are often left with not only immediate costs associated with injuries and damage to their property, but also long-term costs of regaining their life after the accident, which leave many with costs that far exceed what their monthly income dictates they can afford. In instances such as this, victims may not be fully covered by their own insurance, including car compensation and long-term rehabilitation needs.

Sometimes, an even more grave outcome occurs. In the event of car accident fatalities, the financial costs place upon the family of the deceased loved one are often compounded with severe emotional distress and the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and loss.

Laws governing car accidents and the surrounding circumstances are implemented to help protect auto accident injury victims in the event that significant damages are incurred as a result. Although accident insurance is required for drivers, some companies do not always act ethically in ensuring that car accident claims are handled in the fairest manner possible. This is one of the many reasons you need a competent and experienced lawyer on your side.

The San Antonio lawyers at Carabin Shaw want to help. Following the accident, you deserve to know your options moving forward, and our experienced team of attorneys can provide them with a free consultation.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding one’s automobile accident, it is always recommended that those involved fully consider their legal options moving forward. Many insurance companies provide generalized car accident advice for their clients; at Carabin Shaw, an accident attorney will provide an in-depth consultation for each individual case and assess what recompense may be warranted in accordance Texas law.

If you find yourself the victim of one of the many dangers on the roads, whether it be other driver’s negligence or careless driving, weather conditions, debris, or other hazards, call our attorneys today at 210-222-2288, or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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