Semi Truck Accidents

Eagle Ford Trucking Accident Risk Level

Most understand the labor and supplies needed in the fracking of a well.  Fracking as you know is used to extract oil and gas deep underground in shale formation.  The fracking process requires hundreds of thousands of gallons of water as well as chemicals, sand, special equipment and labor.

Getting the needed supplies to and from the wells requires dozens if not hundreds of trucks and other vehicles.  This increase in vehicles on roadways throughout the Eagle Ford Shale have led to increased accidents, deaths, and injuries.  

In a recent report released by a major state agency and discussed in the San Antonio Express newspaper, traffic accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas have ranked highly as a threat to public safety.

Catastrophic Collisions between heavy equipment, large 18 wheelers and passenger vehicles are expected to continue rising in the South Texas oil patch as more people, cars and trucks of all sorts flow into the rural area, according to the Texas Public Safety Risk Overview from the Department of Public Safety. 

The most dangerous areas are in some of the counties considered to be in the “core” of the play, drawing the most drilling activity and the biggest profits for oil companies. The report says that between 2009 and 2011 in Karnes, LaSalle and Dimmit counties, crashes involving a commercial vehicle increased 470 percent, while total crashes increased 98 percent. And the report doesn’t see the risk of accidents going away anytime soon. 

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