Semi Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Did you know or were you aware that well over 500,000 large 18-wheeler trucks are involved in collisions throughout the United States and Canada, each and every year. The majority of these 18-wheeler trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating over ten thousand pounds. And more than 4,500 of these accidents involving big-rigs resulted in over 5,000 deaths, each and every year. Large 18 wheeler truck accidents are responsible for approximately one out of every nine deaths on our highways.

Most 18 wheeler trucking accidents occur when operators are tired, speed, make improper left turns or lane changes, fail to stop at red lights or stop signs, drive on the wrong side of the street, or travel into the rear-end of another vehicle. Two percent of 18-wheeler accidents were the result of drinking and driving. Twenty-eight percent of the truck drivers involved in fatal accidents have had at least one prior speeding conviction (compared to only 20 percent of drivers of passenger vehicles).

Representing victims of tractor-trailer wrecks presents a challenge not experienced in most other types of accidents. Because the trucking industry is heavily regulated, an accident involving a truck is significantly more complex than an automobile accident. Frequently, an action can be brought against both the driver, the trucking company and in some cases the insurance carrier. Thus if you have been injured or your family has suffered a devastating loss, you need a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to lead the investigation into the cause of the accident and to help you collect the damages you deserve. The Law Firm of Carabin & Shaw has the experience representing the victims of accidents involving 18 wheeler trucks, that you need. If you need our Law Firm on your side call us day or night at 1.800.862.1260.