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Interstate and Intrastate Trucking Accidents

And Why Having an Attorney Who Understands the Difference is Important if you Have Been Injured in a Semi-Truck Accident.

It can be easy to mix up the words Intrastate and Interstate, but they have two clearly different meanings. Beyond that, if you operate a Trucking Company it is imperative that you understand the difference.

Let’s start out by defining the two words as they relate to the shipping world. The word “Intrastate” means that the goods being shipped will not cross any state lines at any time; remaining in the state in which the goods originated.

For example, a load of goods is picked up from the manufacturer in Houston, Texas and is delivered to a warehouse in Dallas, the goods never left Texas and therefore was an intrastate shipment. Now, let’s say that the goods to be delivered to that warehouse in Dallas were manufactured and picked up in Phoenix, AZ. In this case the shipment had to cross several state lines and was an interstate shipment.

It is important to point out the distinction between the types of shipments because each type falls under a different authority’s regulations. There are restrictions and requirements regarding how the vehicle is loaded, how goods are secured, how often loads need to be checked along the way etc. There are also regulations concerning the status of the vehicle ensuring that it is well maintained and safe to be on the road at all. Beyond that there are restrictions on how many miles a driver can go without rest and a slew of others. All of these regulations are in place to make the roads as safe as possible for all motorists who use them.

The regulations used for certification of any vehicle that will be shipping goods, usually a semi-trailer truck, depends on if the shipments will be intrastate, or interstate. Insurance companies also have similar requirements that must be met before they will cover a vehicle. Smaller shipping/trucking companies often provide only one type of shipment and their entire fleet is certified for either interstate or intrastate shipping.

Many larger motor companies, however, have huge fleets of trucks and provide both kinds of shipments for various companies nationwide. This can cause confusion and it is vital that the vehicle managers and dispatchers know exactly what types of shipments each vehicle is certified for and that it is only used in that capacity. Failure to load shipments onto the properly certified vehicles becomes a major problem. If an intrastate truck was loaded with an interstate shipment, crosses state lines and has an accident the insurance company will not reimburse any claims because the vehicle was not covered to leave the state.

An experienced attorney understands the rules and regulations that motor companies and drivers must follow and knows precisely who can be held responsible for your damages.

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