Motorcycle Accidents

About Motorcycle Accidents

Since motorcyclists are not in an enclosed vehicle, they face a far greater risk of being involved in an injury-causing accident. A motorcycle crash is a multifaceted event involving the interaction of humans, vehicles, and environmental or surrounding factors. While no motorcycle incident is classified as “typical”, what is said to be “typical” is that motorcycle crashes are violent occurrences. Over 80 percent of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death to the motorcyclist.

Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Result In More Injuries
  • The motorcycle itself provides no skullor body protection to the rider or passenger.
  • Ejection from the motorcycle is a frequent injury pathway.
  • Ejected riders often strike objects in their uncontrollable path of travel as well as the ground.
Motorcycle Accidents - More Serious and Expensive

More often than not, motorcycle injuries are more expensive and serious than vehicular accidents because of the longer rehabilitation period’s motorcyclist sustain. Comprehensive insurance industry data shows that…
  • 23% of motorcycle claimants have injuries in multiple locations;
  • 18% suffer head injuries with permanent disability;
  • 10% of claimants have injuries to the back or spine. Some of these result in permanent paraplegia or quadriplegia.
When analyzing the data above, 50% of motorcycle accident claimants have the type of life-threatening injuries in which some never recover from.