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Real Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Among all major cities in Texas, San Antonio suffered the third highest amount of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2021 San Antonians fell victim to 38,461 accidents. Statistically, 10% of these accidents involved a motorcycle, but unfortunately, motorcyclists still carry the stigma of being reckless.

Contrary to popular belief, motorcyclists are the safest drivers on the road, and though there are many things that cause motorcycle accidents, most can be attributed to the fault of passenger vehicle drivers. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to have a real motorcycle accident attorney on your side. A San Antonio motorcycle crash lawyer at Carabin Shaw can help motorcyclists who have been involved in an accident receive compensation for their injuries and property damages.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

In the United States, there are about 89,000 motorcycle crashes annually, most of them caused by passenger vehicle drivers. Motorists of passenger vehicles are distracted more than ever by eating fast food, texting and driving, loud music, and distractions caused by their passengers. In fact, most motorcycle accidents involving a passenger vehicle are caused by an improper left turn.

Oftentimes, these motorists invade a motorcyclist's right of way, causing spin outs, ejections, and head on collisions. More than 35% of all motorcycle accidents in San Antonio are caused by other vehicles colliding into the motorcycle while passing another vehicle, overtaking another vehicle, and while traveling through an intersection. This makes it quite clear that the negligence of other motorists is a motorcyclist's biggest concern on the road.

These accidents are not only attributed to distracted driving but are often due to the small size of motorcycles. Motorcycles are more likely to be hidden in a driver's blind spot, which can lead to a number of horrific injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are a number of different kinds of injuries that are caused by motorcycle accidents. These injuries vary in size and severity, and include:

  • Severe head injuries,
  • Concussion,
  • Brain damage,
  • Long-lasting migraines
  • Spinal cord trauma
  • Severed limbs,
  • Broken and fractured bones,
  • Road rash,
  • Pulled or torn muscles,
  • And biker’s arm.
What You Should do After an Accident

There are a couple of steps you should take if you are involved in a motorcycle accident in San Antonio. First, always call 911 and make sure both the police and an ambulance arrive. It is never a bad idea to have police on site to investigate and file a report of the crash. An ambulance should always be called, whether you feel injured or not. An EMT can properly assess you for injuries. A report from a trained professional could be helpful later on in the process of your case.

The second step is to take pictures of the accident, if possible. Anything can help your case, and it's better to be safe rather than sorry. Pictures will also help jog your memory of the accident in case you forget important details that will help your case. So, if you find yourself colliding with another motorist while riding your motorcycle, pull out your phone, call 911, and then start taking pictures.

Real Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Lastly, if you have sustained injuries from a motorcycle accident like the ones listed above, you need to contact a lawyer. It is of the utmost importance to have an experienced attorney at your side in order to ensure that you receive the proper compensation for your injuries. You will need someone to investigate your crash, making sure the party who is at fault is liable for your injuries.

Carabin Shaw’s Attorneys

At Carabin Shaw's San Antonio location, we have real motorcycle accident attorneys. With over 30 years of experience, our attorneys will handle your case with an immense amount of care. Our lawyers are available day and night for a free consultation. Call us today at 210-222-2288 for a free consultation that will empower you to receive the compensation you deserve.

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