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Many of Us Enjoy the Open Road – But There are Dangers. It is Important You Know Who to Call, if an Accident Happens

To any Biker, the best part about riding in Texas is the simple fact that that the Lone Star State is enormous. There are so many places to ride with a wider variety of scenery and terrain than in any other state. No matter what type of riding you like to do, you’ll find it in Texas.

Do you like Riding in the mountains? Be sure to head out west to Big Bend Country, where you’ll find some of the tallest peaks in Texas and some of the most scenic mountain roads in the Country. Maybe you prefer to ride along the coast-line. Then you’ll have to take a trip from Rockport to Aransas which is a 56 mile stretch of highway right along the gulf coast and to top it off, the trip ends at the beautiful Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. And that’s just a small section of the many coastline highways in South-west Texas. Perhaps you like to check out what the night life and party scene is like. There’s no better place to go than Hill Country in Central Texas. You’ll find long winding highways, perfect riding weather almost year-round, and the home of the University of Texas in Austin, as well as some of the best places in the States to check out the latest live music and good times in the famous Red River District.

Another unique region to ride in Texas is the Panhandle Plains. This region includes diverse landscapes from the breathtaking canyons in the Eastern section which transition into rolling plains, then into flat grassland and prairies for as far as you can see. I’m not sure if you can feel quite as free anywhere else than on a ride through this rugged grassland. The South Texas plains are home to a particular ecosystem that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the United States. The Lower Rio Grande Valley is a subtropical area of Texas that is home to Palm and Citrus Trees, Tropical Birds usually seen in Central and South America, and what is left of a vast palm forest that has been reduced in size from nearly 40,000 acres to the 37 acres that remain protected.

Should you like to ride on roads through dense pine forests, then the North Eastern region known as the Piney Woods is for you. This is where a vast Pine forest begins and extends into Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. There are plenty of spots for camping and hiking and a variety of other outdoor activities to do here. The Prairies and Lakes region is the largest region in Texas and represents the transition from the plains in the Panhandle to the forests in the Piney Woods to the east. Here you’ll find many of Texas’ largest lakes and fishing locations including Lake Fork and Lake Ray Roberts.

The point of this short article isn’t to try and convince you to come ride in Texas, but to show you that we know exactly why so many people already do. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of motorcycles registered in Texas, and those don’t include the many out of state bikers that come for the amazing diversity and beauty of a road trip through Texas.

Attorney Jamie Shaw with the Carabin Shaw Law Firm is not just an experienced injury law attorney, he is licensed to ride. Allowing us to know, not just the law, but the dynamics of riding, the physics, the feel of the road, what to expect of other drivers and how other drivers often fail to give riders proper allowances or ride a ways. We understand injury law, we understand motorcycles and we know how to keep your rights protected in the unfortunate case of an accident.

If you have any questions about the motorcycle laws, accident laws or if you have been involved in an accident and have been injured, contact us day or night, 7 days a week for a free consultation. Call us at 800-862-1260.

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