Motorcycle Accidents

Common Risks of Motorcycle Riding

Choosing to ride a motorcycle can be a rewarding experience. The freedom of the open road, and the wind on your back is exhilarating. Motorcycle riders must also be aware that there are dangers inherent to these feelings of freedom. An alert, defensive rider knows what to be aware of, and also that accidents can and do happen. Unfortunately, due to the unprotected nature of motorcycle riding, these accidents often lead to injury or death.

Here are some details about the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Low Visual Profile
  • Motorcycles are much smaller than other cars and trucks on the road. This makes them more difficult to see, especially in heavy traffic, or in adverse weather conditions. Nearly 3 out of 4 motorcycle vs. passenger vehicle accidents occur at intersections where it is especially important for drivers to be aware of motorcyclists, but all too often, they are not.

  • Hazards in the Road are More Dangerous to Motorcyclists
  • Debris in the road, potholes, slick surfaces caused by oil or other substances, puddles, unevenly paved roads, gravel and many other types of road hazards are minor nuisances to vehicle drivers, but can cause loss of control of a motorcycle leading to accidents and injuries.

  • Loss of control due to Manufacturer Defect or Improper Maintenance
  • If a motorcycle’s front and rear tire are not in proper alignment, at high speeds the front end can become unstable and shake or “wobble.” Should this high speed wobble result in an accident, and this is due to poor manufacturing or negligent work done at a repair shop, these parties may be held responsible for damages and injuries sustained.

  • Novice Riders and unfamiliarity with Operation of a Motorcycle
  • Some motorcycle accidents are not the result of the reckless behavior of another driver, but because the rider is not skilled at operating a motorcycle. Motorcycle operation requires a certain amount of understanding of the vehicle’s limitations and physical conditioning to operate safely. If insured properly, even a novice rider can expect compensation for damages resulting from an accident.

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