Motorcycle Accidents

Odds Are - Not Your Fault

Odds Are - Not Your FaultDid you know that over 80% of accidents involving motorcyclists and automobiles or trucks, the biker's are not at fault. Most automobile drivers don't recognize, or don't want to recognize, the unique qualities of motorcycles.

It is important to understand to and to be able to show and prove that bikes can stop much faster than cars and could likely be rear-ended by a negligent driver following too closely.

Motorcycles are more difficult to see than cars and, while not seeing you is no excuse for negligence, it will often be the cause of the accident. Some countries even use the "not seeing you" excuse as a criminal act. It is interesting, though, that automobile drivers often can see the motorcycle "cop" from far, far away, but they fail to notice you. In most cases you will find that the operator of the motorcycle to be a "more defensive driver." You also find in many cases the biker to be more aware of the traffic environment and his or her surroundings. In many cases you find the operator or an automobile to be subjected to more distractions such as cell phones, stereos, DVD players, and conversations with passengers. In most cases you do not find these types of distractions for the biker.