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Protect Your Rights After an Accident

For over 20 years, the lawyers at the Carabin Shaw law firm in San Antonio have helped numerous motorcycle accident victims file claims against the negligent drivers responsible for their injuries. In 2013, nearly 88,000 motorcycle riders were injured on the road. If you or someone you love has found themselves victim of a motorcycle collision in San Antonio, do not hesitate to contact a San Antonio motorcycle crash attorney from Carabin Shaw today.

Another person’s negligence on the road could turn into your misfortune. That’s why the lawyers at Carabin Shaw share a mission to protect your rights after an accident. We have lawyers in the San Antonio area standing by to provide counsel and defense for motorcyclists affected by driver’s carelessness in the region.

Important Steps to Protect Your Rights After an Accident

Immediately following involvement in a motorcycle accident, everything you do or say may have critical repercussions upon your legal position. Regardless of party responsibility, you must remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. It is important to remain at the scene of the accident for many reasons. Staying at least long enough to give your name and address to the attending police officer or, at the bare minimum, the other driver, dramatically decreases the appearance of guilt. Furthermore, leaving the scene before executing this simple step could subject you to criminal penalties, and at the very least damages your case from the perspective of the law.

While giving these statements, it is highly recommended you do not make definitive answers. Tell the police officer at the scene any and all relevant facts about the incident, but do not make any assessments or acceptances of blame for the accident until the entire investigation and police report has been completed.

It is also recommended that you not make any final statements regarding the state of your health after the crash, because health and medical repercussions of which you may be currently unaware may later arise. If asked, stating that you are unaware whether or not you have been injured is perfectly acceptable, especially in that moment. Always be cooperative with law enforcement officials, but do not sign any unnecessary documents or take any action that might affect your legal rights to recovery and ability to move forward with a claim.

Finally, you should always gather all pertinent information from other drivers and witnesses. Because not all witness to the accident are going to wait there for the police to arrive, you should also try to obtain their names and phone numbers before they leave the scene and it is too late. Collect from any driver involved the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Driver’s license information/number
  • Insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • License plate number

Additionally, take photographs. If possible, take pictures of the accident scene to record evidence that may potentially disappear. These photographs will preserve visual evidence of your injuries and any damage to your motorcycle or other property, and will be prove instrumental in building a solid case for your claim.

Keeping Vigilant After the Accident

After following these procedural steps, seek medical assistance at an emergency room immediately if you believe you may have sustained any physical injury and keep all records. The day after a motorcycle accident, you may feel pain that you weren’t aware of at the time of the accident. The sooner you see a doctor after the crash, the better the chances are of serious consideration of your medical claims.

Make sure you hold onto and make copies of any records and hospital bills related to treatment you receive. Your attorney may also be able to obtain medical records and billing information on your behalf, but never rely on it. After the incident, keep track of any other expenses related to your accident and recovery, including motorcycle repair expenses, rental vehicle expenses, and lost wages from work.

Dealing with a motorcycle accident in San Antonio can be an unpleasant and, at the very least, inconvenient experience. Enlist the 25 years of legal expertise of Carabin Shaw’s attorneys to protect your rights after an accident. All of our clients receive a free consultation in addition to the professional and courteous treatment they deserve. Call today in San Antonio at 210-222-2288, or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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