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Dangers of Texting and Driving

When someone is attempting to send a text message or talk on a cell phone, this can make them very dangerous behind the wheel.

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The CDC defined three types of distraction that can occupy drivers:

  • Visual – The driver’s eyes are not focused on the road ahead
  • Manual – The driver’s hands are not on the wheel
  • Cognitive – The driver’s mind is not focused on the act of driving

Texting can simultaneously occupy the driver’s eyes, hands and mind when responding to a text message or email. Talking on a mobile phone can become a serious visual, manual and cognitive distraction from the moment a driver picks up and answers the phone. Once the driver starts a conversation on a cell phone, the act becomes distraction, since the driver must hold the phone and concentrate on the conversations.

At 55 mph, drivers can travel the length of a football field by the time they hit “send.” Sending or receiving a text message can take the driver’s eyes off the road for about 4.6 seconds on average.

By now, motorists are aware of the dangers of texting or talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel—but many people continue this behavior anyway, even though more than 30 jurisdictions in Texas all have laws banning texting while driving. When drivers engage in these distractions, they put themselves and others in danger and should be held accountable for the consequences.

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