Seeking Compensation For Jet Ski and Boating Accidents With an Experienced Attorney

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of boat accident, personal watercraft or Jet Ski accident, our experienced boating accident attorneys can help. Call our law firm day or night and schedule an appointment at 1.800.862.1260.

Most boating, watercraft or Jet Ski accidents occur because of the negligence of others including:

  • Inadequate training
  • Drinking
  • Speeding
  • Failing to keep proper lookout or negligence.
  • Minimal instruction on techniques to operate a boat or Jet Ski.

Since boats, Jet Skis or personal watercraft riders often travel at high speed, the scope of accidents and wrongful deaths is much higher than it would otherwise be.

Additionally, passengers and swimmers in Jet Skis and boats are also at high risk, when they the boat is being operated by inexperienced and novice operator.

This is the reason why it is important for boat owners and operators to get familiar with boating laws, take safety courses, wear visible clothing, and avoid use alcohol or drugs while on the water.

Every summer, thousands of people rent out personal watercrafts from concessionaires on their breaks or vacations. Many renters give little instructions to their customers before giving them the controls to drive away. The lack of knowledge and inability to act in the correct manner during emergency situations cost a lot of accidents and even wrongful deaths.

Such negligent entrustment is a main cause of Jet Ski and personal watercrafts accidents. The experienced boating accident lawyers at our firm understand litigation behind such accidents and have the experience to handle such kind of accidents involving:

  • Speeding
  • Negligent Supervision and Entrustment
  • Groundings
  • Unsafe and Unsupervised Operation
  • Drugs and Alcohol Related Accidents
  • Collisions

Some of the common recoverable damages are pain and suffering, compensation for lost wages, payment of medical bill, compensation for short term or long term disability, scaring, and wrongful death. Every case is different and at our firm we take into account all the details of the case before sharing our opinions and advice.

If you or someone in your close has suffered from claustrophobic loss, then call for our free consultation at 1.800.862.1260. Our lawyers will help you understand your options in a clear and open manner.

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