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Space Heater Risks

As summer begins to wind down in San Antonio, cooler temperatures and relief from the summer heat may seem like the farthest thing away. But as fall and winter get into full swing, many people living without central heat will break out the space heater to keep their home and family warm. These individuals need to be especially careful, as space heaters can potentially cause fires and injuries.

Space heaters and wood stoves are cited as the cause of 32% of all home fires and explosions. While space heaters risks are dangerous and can be deadly there are ways that may lessen the risk of damage to your home and minimize the risk of injury yourself and your loved ones by being aware of the most common kinds of space heater-related injuries.

Risk of Fire

Whether or not it has a covered heating unit, your space heater risks starting a fire. Space heaters use a lot of energy due to the way they work. Electricity moving through resistance creates wasted energy in the form of heat; electrical resistance is multiplied by distance. If you plug one into an extension cord, it can cause the cord to overheat due to the extra resistance created.

Because it's not part of the heater itself, people may be less likely to notice this problem, but it can still lead to a fire. When buying a space heater, make sure the cord is long enough so that you can plug it into the wall without an extension to decrease your risk of fire.

Burn Injuries

The location of the heating coil in your space heater matters, especially if you have children or pets. Even if you aren't worried about a person getting hurt, if the heater gets too hot it can damage your floors and other items nearby, such as blankets. If you can, try to choose a space heater with a stand that doesn't get hot, or put a floor protector under it. It may also be wise to install a gate or guard around the heater to keep little hands – not to mention paws and clutter – away.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Most space heaters today are electric, but some models still use fuel to keep the heat going. If yours is one of them, make sure it has a way to vent fumes outside. These kinds of heaters can poison you and your family if you're not too careful. Just in case, install a carbon monoxide detector in your home and regularly check that the batteries are working.

Defective Space Heaters

These are the most common types of mishaps people experience as the result of space heater risks. But what happens when there is a problem with the heater itself?

If your space heater is defective, no warnings and precautions will be enough to prevent disaster through proper use. If you're injured by a defective heater, give the lawyers of Carabin Shaw in San Antonio a call. We’re here to help you.

If you’ve suffered an injury or experienced the trauma of a house fire as the result of a defective space heater in San Antonio, you may not realize that the manufacturer of the heater may be liable for your loss. But where do you start when you need to pursue a claim with the maker of a space heater? That’s where our lawyers come in.

If you’ve been injured due to a defective space heater, our team of San Antonio burn injury lawyers has the experience you need to help you. We’ll pursue the manufacturer’s liability and be the voice protecting your rights. Rest assured that our lawyers will fight until we win your case.

Call Carabin Shaw, and we’ll schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, who will discuss every aspect of your case. We don’t collect a penny unless we’re successful in recovering the compensation to which you’re entitled. In San Antonio, call us day or night at 210-222-2288, or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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