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Understanding Liability in Texas Asbestos Cases - Free Case Review at Carabin Shaw

The Mesothelioma Center cites asbestos exposure as the number-one cause of work-related deaths globally. Plumbers, construction workers, electricians, and miners are just a few kinds of workers who are especially at risk for asbestos exposure. Any Texan in these industries experiencing exposure-related symptoms should immediately seek medical attention and connect with a quality personal injury lawyer, like those at Carabin Shaw.

We have decades of experience helping Texans recover damages after an asbestos-contaminated workplace left them with chronic health issues and medical bills. Our clients continue to recommend us to their coworkers and families because we continue to win Texas asbestos lawsuits. If you or someone you love believes they developed an asbestos-related illness in their workplace, then it’s time to seek maximum asbestos compensation in Texas with Carabin Shaw.

Spend Less and Win More With Carabin Shaw

We know many people hesitate to seek legal representation because they aren’t sure if they can afford it. At Carabin Shaw, we want to remove that concern from any potential clients, which is why we offer free case reviews for anyone who feels they might need our services. You shouldn’t have to spend more money just to see if you can recover what you feel you’re owed and you shouldn’t be made to feel like your lawyer just wants your money.

It’s hard enough to find a quality law firm while trying to handle medical bills that have been unfairly forced upon you, so spending more money should be the last thing you worry about. With this in mind, we offer all of our services on a contingency-free basis. This means we don’t get paid until we win for you. We find this policy establishes a strong foundation of trust with our new clients, who continue to praise our transparency and drive to win in Carabin Shaw’s client reviews.

Asbestos-Related Illnesses

There are several conditions and illnesses that can be caused by prolonged asbestos exposure and Carabin Shaw handles many asbestos exposure claims in Texas every year. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, a division of the CDC, lists several debilitating respiratory conditions most common in asbestos exposure cases:

  • Asbestosis: a condition resulting from asbestos fibers getting lodged deep in the lung tissue leading to a variety of other complications
  • Lung carcinoma: one estimate attributes 4%–12% of lung cancer cases to asbestos exposure; another suggests 20%–25% of “heavily-exposed” workers will develop some form of throat cancer
  • Mesothelioma: a cancer occurring in the lining of organs, most often in the pleura of the lungs

If you’ve been diagnosed with any of these conditions, you should consider how Carabin Shaw’s asbestos attorneys can help. Our years of service to asbestos-affected Texans has given us the experience we need to understand asbestos liability in Texas better than anyone, and we’re always ready to help whomever might need us.

What Damages Can You Claim for Asbestos Exposure in Texas?

In personal injury lawsuits, plaintiffs seek compensatory damages to account for the impact the injury in question has had on their life, and will have in the future. Because you can claim both monetary and non-monetary losses, it’s important to work with an attorney who knows these situations well and can handle them with focus and urgency. Every part of your experience is relevant in determining what you might be owed.

You can trust our team to examine every detail of your case to ensure you’re getting the maximum compensation available. We can determine if one or more parties are responsible for your Texas asbestos exposure and fight to make them pay.

We’ll be here to answer your call whenever you’re ready to reach out. Our toll-free number, 800-862-1260, is reachable 24/7. We know it can be difficult to initiate the process of finding a lawyer who’s right for you, so we try to be as approachable as possible. All of your questions can be answered by one of our qualified representatives; we have both English and Spanish-speakers available.

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