Air Bag Recall Breaking News

National and Local News of a massive vehicle recall involving defective and possibly exploding airbags in 4.7 million American vehicles has overwhelmed websites where consumers can plug in their vehicle identification numbers to see if they qualify.

Manufacturers have recalled about 16 million vehicles worldwide and some safety advocates estimate as many as 20 million may be affected. The recall link has not been working properly this morning likely due to so many consumers trying to check their VIN numbers at the same time.

Some car owners, including me, have received letters in the mail from manufacturers putting them on notice to take their car to the dealer for servicing because of this problem.

There are reports of four deaths and dozens of other injuries resulting from the defective airbags manufactured by the Tokyo-based Takata Corporation. The problem is most pronounced in the presence of hot, humid air which makes Florida a state with one of the highest consumer concerns.

The affected vehicles involve Honda, Toyota, Mazda, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW and Mitsubishi - see all the makes and models here.