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Product Liability Injury Lawyers

Are you in Texas? Were you injured in by a defective product?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any injury or death and determining any possible claims.

Companies have a basic duty: make sure whatever products they produce are as useful as they are safe. However, in their frequent mad rush to get products to market, some companies don’t ensure that they are advertised safely or fail to adequately test their products. What happens then? Serious or even fatal injuries can result. When a company needs to be held liable for its actions or lack of actions with its products, many people look to the product liability injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

Texas Product Liability Attorney

Seeking Justice for Injured Product Users

Unfortunately, poorly manufactured or designed products cause countless deaths and injuries because irresponsible manufacturers did not fulfill the legal duty they undertook when they made and sold a product. This is because of the all-too-common hazards which consumer products can pose, including poisoning, electrocution, burns or choking. This can be due to defective auto parts, malfunctioning safety gear, defective sports gear, and more problems. The legal lynchpin of product liability defect claims is public safety and the manufacturers’ duty to take care of its consumers. Companies simply must release products which are safe when used as intended.

Product Liability Damage Claims

“Product liability” is a legal term which can cover many different parts of the chain involved in manufacturing and selling a tangible product. A manufacturer of a product itself may have liability for the defective product it manufactured, but any supplier of any parts used in the manufacture of a product may have equal or even greater liability. Liability for defective manufacture, design, building or assembly of a product can lead to liability all the way down the chain of building to a retailer of any product. Also, such a claim under Texas and/or Federal is called a “product liability” claim and it can be maintained even if a person who did not directly purchase the product at issue suffered the injury and/or was injured by the product’s use.

This entire area of the law is called “Products Liability.” It has as great an effect on business as any form of litigation. That is why defendants fight so hard, with experienced well paid lawyers, investigators and expert witnesses. You need experienced Product Liability Injury Lawyers at your side for the tough fight that always goes with these cases. You need Carabin Shaw.

Hire Yourself a Seasoned Lawyer and get results

When badly injured product users need an experienced, passionate attorney fighting on their side against the big companies and their insurance carriers, they call Carabin Shaw. They trust us to handle their claims for product liability because our skills, knowledge and trial-based practice have been of help to our clients. We make sure that they get the best possible chance at the best possible outcome the law allows for all of their claims. Seek out our nationally known advocates to work with you. While no lawyer can ever really guarantee the kind of outcome our clients want and deserve, we can make you the promise that your case will get all of our considerable resources behind it and behind getting you the fair and full justice that you rightly deserve. Our Product Liability Injury Lawyers are waiting to talk to you. Discuss your various legal options in your free, no obligation, consultation.

Are you in Texas? Were you injured in by a defective product?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any injury or death and determining any possible claims.

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