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Brain Damage Lawyers

Are you in Texas? Do you have a family member with a brain injury?

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Types of Brain Injury

All brain injuries are individual and unique. A person’s brain depending on the amount and type of force that impact your head, your brain can receive a number of different kinds of injuries. The exact type of injury which any brain receives can affect only a single functional part of the brain, various different parts, or the entire brain. If you have suffered any of the injuries described below, please call Carabin Shaw’s San Antonio Brain Injury Lawyers today. We are familiar with the details of such injuries, their treatment and the compensation due after accidents. We are here to help. Give us a call.

The Traumatic Brain Injuries Concussions

Even an apparently simple concussion can be the cause of significant impairments or difficulties which can last over an entire lifetime. An equally simple appearing whiplash can also result in the same problems as a head injury. Such kinds of impairments can sometimes be eased through rehabilitation. However many people get released from medical treatment without a referral to any rehabilitation for brain injuries, or, actually, meaningful guidance in this area of any kind.

  • Concussions can be caused by, whiplash, gunshot wounds, violent head shaking, or a direct blow to the head.
  • Both open and closed type head injuries can result in a concussion. Concussions are the most medically common kind of traumatic brain injury.
  • A concussion is generally caused as a brain is traumatized from a sudden movement change, sudden momentum change or an impact. Cranial nerves may be damaged in a concussion when blood vessels contained in your brain stretch.
  • A Consciousness may or may not be briefly lost.
  • A person may feel dazed even though they remain conscious.
  • A CAT scan or test using diagnostic imaging may or may not show a concussion.
  • Swelling, brain bleeding or a fractured skull may or may not happen. Concussion is, therefore, sometimes defined through exclusion. It is considered a “complex neurobehavioral syndrome.”
  • Diffuse axonal injuries can result from a concussion which may or may not result in permanent or temporary.
  • Occasionally, a fatal blood clot can occur in the brain with a concussion.
  • It can be anything from a few years to a few months for a concussion to really heal.

If you have been diagnosed with a concussion from an injury, call one of our San Antonio Brain Damage Lawyers today. We know head injuries. We can get you your best chance at a full and fair recovery. Call Carabin Shaw today.

  • Contusions result from direct impacts to the head.
  • A “contusion” is bleeding (a bruise) on the tissue of the brain.
  • Removal may be required for large contusions.
  • A Coup-Contrecoup Injury describes a contusion which is present at both the site of any impact and on the literally opposite part of the interior of the head.
  • This type of injury results from force impacting with the head that is not only large enough to cause contusions at the impact site, but also moves the brain and makes it impact the exact opposite side of the interior skull. This causes an additional contusion.
Diffuse Axonal Injuries

This type of injury can be difficult to diagnose. Carabin Shaw knows the right medical professionals who can really find out what happened to and inside your head during your accident. Our Brain Damage Attorneys in San Antonio< have the experience you need with this type of injury. What follows is just a summary. Call us for more information.

  • A Diffuse Axonal Injury is generally caused by strong rotation or shaking of the head, such as Shaken Baby Syndrome, or by forces which rotate the head, such as in a vehicle accident.
  • These injuries happen due to the unmoving brain lagging after the skull moves, which causes structures in the brain to tear.
  • When there is a lot of tearing of tissues of the nerves in the brain, this can cause release of additional chemicals in the brain, which in turn can cause more injury.
  • The cranial nerve tissue tearing disrupts the chemical processes and regular communication in the brain.
  • This type of injury to the brain can sometimes produce permanent or temporary brain damage, death or a coma.
  • Someone who has a “diffuse axonal injury” can present with a wide variety of functional impairments of the brain depending on exactly where the tears happened within the brain.

Have you or your family member suffered from an injury such as these? If so, please call Carabin Shaw’s Brain Damage Attorneys in San Antonio today. We can help you recover the monetary compensation you deserve after such a devastating injury.

Are you in Texas? Do you have a family member with a brain injury?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 1-800-862- 1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any brain injury or death and determining any possible claims.

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