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What are Brain Injuries?

The primary concern with all head injuries is the brain. The brain is a bodily organ encased inside a layer of fluid. This layer of fluid is called the “cerebrospinal fluid.” It is separated from the brain itself by the “dura.” The dura supports blood vessels, partitions the brain into sections, supports the brain within the skull. The skull helps protect the brain from traumatic injuries. However, the skull does not reduce or absorb any of the impact inflicted by a blow.

A direct blow to the skull or head might cause a fracture of the skull bones and/or cause a bruise or bleeding of the tissue in the brain. This is especially true of the tissue directly under or below the impact site. Another common injury happens when a blow or impact does not actually strike the head or skull, but induces the brain to bounce back, forth and around within the head.

Something as seemingly simple as a rapid stop on a ride at an amusement park can cause brain injury. A serious fall while using a skating rink can cause brain injury. Surprisingly, even a bouncy trip on a power boat can cause a brain injury. Many of these injuries are not obvious at the time they happen. Many events involving trauma can cause a head injury. That being said, the events that cause injury are not always obviously violent. A slip and fall can cause no bleeding. The injured person may seem totally normal afterward. However, there may still be sufficient damage to cause a brain injury. Motor vehicle accidents and sports make up most brain injury cases. Car accidents amount to at least 50% of serious brain injuries. Sports related traumatic injuries add at least another 20%.

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Signs to Look for That Might be a Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain injuries vary from apparently insignificant limited confusion to persons becoming comatose. Many of these injuries may not even show symptoms until sometime after the head trauma happened initially.

Symptoms of brain injury frequently begin when there is are noticeable changes in someone’s personality. There may be an unusual confusion in the injured individual. They may suffer from uncommon sleepiness and/or lethargy. These are potential warning signs. Family and loved one should take the trauma into consideration and realize that there may be a serious brain injury. Immediate emergency medical assistance is crucial in such situations.

Some of the symptoms to look for to determine if there may have been a brain injury include: Slurred speech, bleeding from one or both ears, vomiting, amnesia, the nose leaking fluid, one or both ears leaking fluid, difficulty concentrating, low pulse rate, one or both pupils dilated, sensitivity to light, numbness in limbs not involved in the trauma or a low pulse rate.

The long term or permanent prognosis for all brain injuries depends on the trauma’s severity. But really severe brain injuries, in which the injured party survives, are not simple to fix medically. A severe brain trauma can take a long time to heal. It may take many months or even years for a patient to reach what is known as “maximum medical improvement.” All of this places a real fiscal hardship on the injured person and there family.

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Financially, the injured person may have a long, difficult time ahead. However, there is help available. Getting an attorney experienced in this type of case is the key element which can provide you and your family the chance to really get the monetary help you deserve. You do not pay us a thing unless we settle or win you or your loved one’s case. If we, as a team, settle or win your case, Carabin Shaw will be compensated by a percentage of the amount you are awarded, leaving you without worry about the costs of the case itself.

Carabin Shaw will assist you with determining what damages are owed to you after a serious brain injury. Carabin Shaw is well aware that accidents happen around the clock. We’re ready and available to take your phone call any time, day or night.

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