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Lawyers in Texas for Injuries of the Brain

Without it being your fault, your life can change in less than a moment. You have suffered a very traumatic injury to your brain. (TBI). I happened because someone else was negligent. This may have happened to you. It may have happened to a loved one. Your future will never be the same.

What Happens Next?

It’s important to call or otherwise make contact with a lawyer as soon as possible. In the ideal, you want a lawyer who specializes in brain injuries. A good lawyer can figure out if the injury happened because of someone else’s negligence. The faster you get on the job helping you, the quicker and easier we will find it to get all the information relevant to the circumstances of the accident. We can then give you the right advice regarding your rights under the law. Once we get started working on your case you and your loved ones can stop worrying about the legal issues surrounding your claim. You and your loved ones can begin to heal.

Call us at Carabin Shaw, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

What are my Rights?

You need a good lawyer who can advise you about what your rights are. You want and need a lawyer to represent your interests. That lawyer will deal with medical professionals, insurers, and the entire court system. Our attorneys understand the often complex legal issues which can come up involving brain injuries. They understand your pain and have compassion for your unfortunate current life situation.

First comes easing your mind in these situations. Contingent fees do this. We do not charge you an attorney fee except when we settle or win your case. You need not worry about court or other costs. You should concentrate on getting well. You can leave it to us to fight the legal fight. We’ll find and get your medical records. We will find and get all the information regarding your accident. We will provide guidance in dealing with your doctors and other medical providers. We will help you and them properly document your injuries.

Call us at Carabin Shaw, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

What are the Effects of an Injury to the Brain?

The brain is a soft organ. It is vulnerable to being damaged by trauma. Your cerebral cortex can suffer bruises if your head hits something hard or a is hit by something hard; or, the interior of the brain can be damaged by whiplash to the head.

Because your brain is your body’s control center, even a minor trauma injury can cause damage that will not and cannot be fixed or healed. Your brains is beneath a strong skulls. It is vulnerable anyway. A physical blow to the head can cause injury. Shaking the head with too much force can cause injury. Whiplash can cause either of these. Any of this can cause significant mental, emotional or physical damage and harm to you or your loved one.

Sadly, TBI is all too common. At least 1 million Americans will suffer a nonfatal brain injury each and every year. Many of these injuries do not require a hospital stay. At least an additional 300,000 people suffer a brain injury that does require a hospital stay. Of these almost 100,000 injuries will result in a lasting disability.

If I Have Such an Injury, What Comes First?

Call us at Carabin Shaw, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

We have offices throughout Texas. We can help you in any jurisdiction in Texas. Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience helping people like you. Give us a call.

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