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Is Invokana Dangerous to Take? FAQs

Recent FDA warnings about the type ii diabetes drug Invokana, or Canagliflozin, have consumers wondering: Is Invokana dangerous to take? Before reaching out to a U.S. lawyer, it is worth knowing a little more about the drug and its adverse effects on consumers. Many are unaware of the current warnings and listed side effects, or want to know how to proceed with a case against Invokana. If you are within the United States and have taken Invokana and suffered from it, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Here are some common questions concerning the drug:

What is Invokana?

Invokana is a drug produced by Janssen pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Paired with proper diet and exercise, it is used to treat type ii diabetes in adults, as well as reduce heart attack and stroke in adults with heart issues and type ii diabetes. It is a sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor that works with the kidneys to remove excess blood sugar through urine.

Is Invokana FDA approved?

Invokana, as of 2013, is FDA approved to treat type ii diabetes in adults. It is also used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in adults with cardiovascular disease and type ii diabetes.

What are the risks involved with taking Invokana?

Although FDA approved, Invokana does have a few FDA warnings against the drug. If you are wondering: Is Invokana dangerous to take? The answer may not be as straight forward. The most serious is the Invokana risk for amputation . Two large studies were conducted and discovered that those who took Invokana, as opposed to a placebo, were twice as likely to undergo lower limb amputations. Those who already have a history of amputations, foot ulcers, or nerve damage may be at higher risk.

Other dangers with Invokana include: acute kidney risk and genital infections. If you are in the U.S. and have taken Invokana and experienced any one of these adverse effects, do not hesitate to contact a U.S. attorney at Carabin Shaw today.

I’ve Suffered from Invokana: Now What?

Assuming you’ve talked to your doctor about the medication, you may be curious in filing a lawsuit against Invokana. The particular type of case you would file is a product liability case. When you took Invokana, you took a drug under the guise that it would help with type ii diabetes in a safe manner. Using a product signifies the trust between consumer and the seller. When this trust is seriously betrayed, consumers can file a product liability case.

In such cases, product liability lawyers in the U.S. will represent you. It is imperative to keep and provide evidence of your suffering and pain caused from Invokana. Speak to a doctor about obtaining medical records and evidence to show that you were using the product as intended and still suffered.

What is a Product Liability Case?

A product liability occurs when a product sold is defective and causes severe negative consequences to the consumer. As consumers, we trust that the products we use are safe and won’t cause us harm. When harm does occur, the consumer may have a right to compensation. Filing a product liability case with a U.S. lawyer at Carabin Shaw is how the consumer is granted justice from the misdeed of the seller. In a product liability case, the following elements are considered:

  • Your injuries: what were the consequences of taking the product? To what extent has the product impacted you?
  • The defective product: Although there are FDA warnings about the product, if Janssen pharmaceuticals is producing a defective product, then they may be liable.
  • The defect: Is it the defect that caused your injuries? If so, it is important to keep records supporting this claim.
  • Product intention: Were you using the product as intended? If yes and you still suffered an injury caused by the defective product, then you may have a product liability case.

These are some basic questions surrounding a product liability case. If you believe you can prove cause, the next step in your case is to contact one of the many product liability lawyers in the U.S. At Carabin Shaw, our attorneys are trained to specifically help people in these instances and will be able to help you define your sustained injuries.

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If you were wondering, Is Invokana dangerous to take? And other FAQs, hopefully you have a better grasp as to what course of action you can take. Within the United States, many are taking action against Invokana. If you believe that Invokana is responsible for your injuries, do not hesitate to contact a Carabin Shaw U.S. attorney. We are well equipped to answer your questions about product liability cases and the Invokana case specifically. Don’t just sit and wait--call us today.

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