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Do you ride a motorcycle frequently? If so, do you feel invisible when you drive your motorcycle? Does it sometimes seem like other drivers literally can’t see you on the road? In some cases, this can be the case, and the results can be devastating. Due to a motorcycle’s diminished size and presence on the road, it is potentially more dangerous for you to ride than a car. In fact, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured on the road in 2013 alone. Even with proper protective outerwear, there is no real buffer between rider and concrete after the force of impact. Risk of harm also increases dramatically if the accident happens at highway speeds. Indeed, motorcycle accidents can occur no matter the speed or circumstance; even some of the more sparse, undeveloped roads in San Antonio can pose a threat for motorcyclists.

If you are a motorcycle operator sharing the road with potentially unsafe and/or inattentive drivers within striking distance, another person’s negligence on the road could turn into your misfortune A San Antonio motorcycle crash lawyer is here for you. The lawyers at Carabin Shaw understand that disregard for motorcycle riders can lead to countless different unfortunate outcomes for crash victims. If you have been hit while riding a motorcycle or scooter, call our San Antonio motorcycle lawyers. We will stop at nothing to protect your rights.

In our 22 years practicing law, Carabin Shaw has helped countless motorcycle accident victims file claims against the negligent drivers responsible for their injuries. We have lawyers in the San Antonio area standing by to provide counsel and defense for motorcyclists affected by another driver’s carelessness in the region. We understand your injuries and we will fight for proper compensation. Contact the attorneys at Carabin Shaw.

If you are hit while riding your motorcycle or scooter, injuries can be devastating. You may be saddled with thousands of dollars in medical bills that you cannot easily pay. Your motorcycle or scooter might require repairs or replacement after the accident; this too can cost more than you can afford to spend. You might have suffered severe personal injuries, including head, back, and neck injuries. You may have endured leg, arm, shoulder, or knee - injuries that take much longer to heal, or linger and continue to inhibit you living a full life.

Serious injuries can drastically alter life after an accident. They may affect your ability to function; they may hinder your capacity to go to work, which can lead to a loss of income at a time when monetary stability is of paramount importance in effectively coping with the after-effects of the accident. Bills may pile up or place extra stress to the routine accruement of living expenses. Credit card bills may also gather quicker than you can pay them off. No one should have to deal with these repercussions of a motorcycle crash alone. If you live in San Antonio and have been through a motorcycle accident, call Carabin Shaw for more information about our San Antonio motorcycle crash lawyers.

If you have been in a San Antonio motorcycle accident , we can help you recover pain and suffering damages for your injuries. Our lawyers will aid you in receiving the entitlement you deserve, up to and including holding the responsible parties accountable for any medical bills you accrue. You may also be entitled to recover lost wages for time from work. Additionally, you could be entitled to damages for loss of relationship with your spouse, in cases where the accident affected home life and/or causes unforeseen stress on the people closest to you.

San Antonio attorney James Shaw is himself a licensed rider. The injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw have more than 24 years of experience helping motorcycle riders recover their damages and receiving the compensation to which they are entitled. Call Carabin Shaw today to set up your free consultation today.

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