What to Do When You Have a Personal Injury Claim

After you have been injured in either an auto accident or slip and fall you can become very stressed. During this stressful time some people do not focus on their health, which is the most important thing to do after one has been seriously injured in an accident. Only after your health has been taken care of should you then think about pursuing a personal injury claim. This process can be quiet confusing at times so here are some frequently asked questions about the what to do when you are pursuing a personal injury claim.

I was injured in an auto accident. What is the first thing I should do?

As mentioned above, your health should always come first and only after this has been done should you then take steps to help preserve your right to file a claim for your personal injuries. These are general steps that do not need to be followed in any particular order:

  • Be sure to get the names and contact information of any witnesses that may have seen the accident. Contact these people to confirm their contact information is correct.
  • Notify anyone that you may file suit against that you are planning on filing a claim for your property damage and injuries.
  • Collect and document evidence that can point to who caused the accident as well as the damage caused by the accident. Photographs are a great way to document the damage caused by the accident.
  • If you speak to other people that were involved in the accident be sure to take notes about your conversation. We advise you not to talk to anyone involved about anything other than exchanging personal and insurance information.
  • Write down everything that has happened to you after the accident. This may include things like hospital visits, any lost work or wages and medical bills.

(Note if you are filing a claim against a government agency or the government, there are other more specific steps that should be followed.)

How long do I have to notify the person at fault for my injuries and property damage that I am filing a claim against them?

There is no set time limit in which you have to notify an individual or entity that you are planning on filing suit against them if they are not government related. This does not mean that you should take your time handling this matter though because by acting quickly you will increase your chances of settling your claim faster than if you delay the process.

After you have notified the individual or entity that you are filing a claim against them you need to make haste in going through the actual process. Coming to a settlement in a personal injury claim can be time consuming and if you decide to wait on filing your claim, you could unfortunately lose out on collecting any kind of compensation for your injuries. This is because of the law “Statutes of Limitations”.

Statutes of Limitations give the maximum amount of time you have to begin certain types of lawsuits. It is important when filing a claim to know what the statute of limitations is for your case because it varies depending on what type of case and what state the accident occurred in. If this time period passes by, you may not ever bring suit to recover for your injuries.

When do I have to file a claim against the government for my personal injury?

When filing a claim against a government agency or employee you have a limited amount of time in which you must file a claim. If you do not follow the timelines associated with your type of claim then you may not be able to recover any sort of compensation fro your property damage or injuries.

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