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Why Do I Need an Attorney for My Personal Injury Case?

Representing yourself without the aide of a San Antonio personal injury lawyer is not a good idea. Let's say you have a heart condition that requires open-heart surgery. You will most likely read a few articles about your condition and the more common methods for how it is treated. You may go on and read a few chapters from a book written by a medical specialist who has successfully cured patients of this condition, or look into alternative or experimental treatments. But learning about your options and actually performing surgery on yourself are two very different things—you would never attempt to repair or fix your heart yourself, would you?

In situations where you or a family member has suffered serious personal injuries that damaged your health, you need an attorney with decades of experience on your side. The attorneys of Carabin Shaw have a long track record of successful recoveries for clients, and we continue to be committed to making sure your case is handled in the manner most beneficial to you and your loved ones. Our personal injury attorneys serving San Antonio go to work everyday on behalf of our clients, not the other way around. You need time to recover from the dangerous situation that got you to this point in the first place; let us handle the legal hassle so you can focus on the immediate needs of yourself and your family.

Many people considering self-representation forget how daunting the offending insurance companies involved can be. Even more so, they assume that their own insurance companies will be there to provide records and transcripts of conversations as needed to help make a more convincing argument in court. At the end of the day, unfortunately, most insurance companies are more interested in protecting their own interests as a company, rather than yours. When you have personally suffered through the pain at the center of your case, it can be difficult to continue to be an advocate for yourself when you feel like no one else has your back. This is where a San Antonio personal injury lawyer can do some of their best work for you—by taking on these companies as an experienced professional who knows how to persist and apply pressure when needed to get the results you deserve.

Statutes of limitation vary by location. If a certain portion of the legal process is not completed within a certain time frame, you can lose some or all of your rights. An experienced attorney can properly identify which statutes of limitation apply to your specific situation and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from beginning to finish.

Just because the surface-level wounds have healed and you are back at work, the damage you've been dealt might be more extensive than you think. Texas law allows you to recover damages under several different categories like pain, mental duress, medical expenses, and more. People who choose to self-represent are far more likely to miss out on and/or be completely unaware of some of the lesser-known areas that allow for recovery under the law.

At Carabin Shaw, a personal injury attorney in San Antonio is waiting to help you navigate the legal process and receive the justice you deserve. We will walk you through every step we intend to take before we do so, and we will make sure you understand those steps before you ever sign anything. We are available for an initial consultation seven days a week, and once you are our client you will feel as informed about your case as if you had chosen to represent yourself.

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