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Auto Accident Advice

If you've recently been in an auto accident in San Antonio, you may have questions and concerns about getting your vehicle repaired, obtaining medical care, working with insurance company’s claims adjuster, recovering from any personal injuries, and much more. The first thing you should be thinking about is contacting one of our San Antonio auto accident lawyers here at Carabin Shaw. They have the experience in dealing with insurance companies you'll want when trying to seek out damages after being in an auto accident.

Whether or not your retain our San Antonio attorney is not our primary concern. We would just advise that you seek legal counsel after an auto accident and obtain a free consultation pertaining to your legal rights. Our team of San Antonio lawyers will speak to you for free, take the time to listen, and give you insight without charge about steps that must be followed in order to validate your claim.

There are hundreds of specific reasons and variables that can affect the final value of your case’s settlement. Many of these factors are determined within a very short period of time after an accident. That is why having seasoned attorney available to give you auto accident advice directly after an accident is a must.

A skilled lawyer will be able to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Who caused the accident?
  • Are there any witnesses?
  • What are the injuries?
  • What medical treatment is needed?
  • Is there a defective product issue?
  • Was the at-fault driver using alcohol or drugs?
  • Were they texting or on their cell phone?
  • What insurance policies are at issue?
  • Can multiple policies be stacked to provide extra coverage?
  • And much more.

Determining the specific cause if an automobile accident can be very tedious. People often only look to the insurance company to recover their loss after an accident. However that is a mistake as any attorney offering good auto accident advice will tell you there are many key factors in auto accidents that will help determine who is at fault and what to do about that.

The Most Common Causes of Automobile Accidents

Distracted drivers: Including drivers who are talking on the phone or texting, rubbernecking at other accidents, fiddling with music, looking at the scenery, and paying attention to other passengers.

Drowsy drivers: Including those who have been behind the wheel for more than two hours, those who are driving late at night or after a heavy meal, and those who have taken medicines that may cause drowsiness.

Impaired drivers: Even if the driver isn't over the legal blood-alcohol limit

Driving aggressively: Including tailgating, failing to yield the right of way, yelling or making rude gestures at other drivers, ignoring traffic signals, and changing lanes frequently.

Weather: Including rain, snow, fog, ice, sleet, and wind.

Speeding: Which drivers were obeying the posted speed limit, and whether speeding affects liability.

The list of reasons why a car accident occurred can be endless. There first thing you should do is seek auto accident advice from our team of legal experts at Carabin Shaw. We know just how to handle these situations and know how to protect you and your loved ones after you've been involved in a tragic car accident.

If you have been in an automobile accident, keep in mind victims in a car accident may include the car's driver, passengers, bystanders, and even the spouse, and in some cases, the child or parent of an injured person.

Auto-accident victims may be able to recover money from the other driver, the owner of the car, and even the driver's employer to pay for the damage to your car, your current and future medical bills, and any permanent injuries you may have suffered. You may even be able to get punitive damages, which are designed to punish the other driver for his or her action.

The attorneys at Carabin Shaw in San Antonio have the resources to put together a solid case on your behalf to get you the compensation you need. Call us today at 800-862-1260 so we can get to work on your case and get you on the road to recovery and healing.

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