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Uninsured Motorist Coverage is a Must

Despite Texas State Laws requiring that all Texas drivers show proof of insurance to renew drivers' licenses and license plates, millions of Texas motorists lack car insurance. The most recent figures from the Texas Department of Insurance indicate that 21.65 percent of the 17 million vehicles registered in the state are uninsured. That translates to one out of every five drivers have no insurance.

In Bexar County, the percentage is slightly higher. For one out of every four drivers have no insurance.. Some 262,160 cars are being operated without insurance. Just short of 25% at 23.29 percent of the total number of cars registered in Bexar County have no insurance.

These updated and somewhat unfortunate statistics come from the joint effort database established through the efforts of the Texas Department of Insurance, Department of Transportation and Department of Public Safety.

The data is computed via data links from every registered vehicle in the state referencing and tracking license plate, vehicle identification numbers and liability insurance policy. A review of the statistics for all the counties in the state shows every Texas county has uninsured vehicles in double-digit percentages.

Kenedy County which is a rural county south of Kingsville with 319 registered vehicles, has the state's highest percentage of uninsured with 46.39 percent.

The state has stiff penalties in place for those who continue to drive without insurance, but the penalties are apparently not enough of a threat if one in five cars remains without insurance.

A ticket for lack of insurance can result in a fine of up to $200 plus a $250 annual surcharge for three years for driving without insurance. Picking up another citation for driving without insurance within three years of the first violation results in an additional $250 a year.

While little can be done about motorists who buy insurance on monthly installment plans and drop the insurance after they renew their drivers' license or license plates, the new database is helping eliminate the use of bogus insurance cards. Law enforcement officers now have an immediate way to check the validity of an insurance card presented to them out in the field.

Unfortunately, until the number of uninsured motorists is eliminated and the minimum limits are raised – we recommend that you carry PIP Insurance and UM/UIM Insurance

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