Auto Accidents

What Our Law Firm Can Do

  1. Work with your doctors on obtaining your medical records, reports, and billing statements, and ensure payment on your medical care provider billings.
  2. Settle the property damage claim, free of charge.
  3. Resolve the liability issues and develop a clear picture of your damages.
  4. Evaluate your injury claim to determinate the best course of action.
  5. Have our private investigator interview witnesses, take statements and photograph the accident scene and your vehicle.
  6. Remove the stress and uncertainty surrounding your loss and damages.
  7. Get the claim settled thru settlement discussions, mediation or tried to a jury of your peers.
  8. We will work so that you receive a fair recovery.
  9. We will treat you with respect and shield your from the abuse of the insurance company adjusters and the insurance company attorneys.
  10. We will aggressively represent and protect you and your family.