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Parents’ Guide to Pool Safety | Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

Cooling off in a swimming pool is one of the best ways to escape the Arizona summer heat. While pools offer relaxation and family fun, they can sometimes be dangerous. Preventing accidents and injuries requires understanding what steps to take to ensure safety around the pool.

In this article you’ll find 5 tips to create a simple parents’ guide to pool safety. First and foremost, it is important to contact a swimming pool accident lawyer in Arizona if your child has experienced a swimming pool accident or injury. An Arizona personal injury attorney can help you understand your options after an accident and proceed correctly to pursue legal action when necessary.

Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra has years of experience helping victims of swimming pool accidents get the money they deserve and can help you and your family. Guerra is an attorney for Carabin Shaw, a law firm that has been named top 10 in the nation for client satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

Make Sure the Pool is Safely Secured

Making sure accidents do not happen when nobody is around to supervise is extremely important. The pool should be protected by a fence that cannot be scaled or circumvented by children. Unattended children accessing the pool is extremely dangerous and can cause severe injuries and drowning. Ensuring that nobody is allowed access to your pool without your knowledge is essential in preventing accidents. If your child has been injured by accessing an unsecured pool, call a lawyer to understand your options.

Inspect the Area Surrounding the Pool

Before allowing children and guests around your pool, make sure that the area outside of the pool is free of debris, toys, and standing water. Standing water can cause slip and fall accidents that can range from something mild like a cut or scrape to something more severe like a concussion, head injury, or broken bones. If your child has been injured in or near a pool, call an attorney.

Supervise Closely at All Times

Supervising children appropriately in the pool is one of the most effective ways to prevent accidents. Supervision should be closely attentive at all times because drowning happens quickly and silently. Small children and toddlers should always be within arms reach in the water and should use proper flotation equipment. Supervisors should never drink alcohol when in charge of children in the water. Call a lawyer if inadequate supervision caused your child’s accident.

Check the Safety Equipment in and Around the Pool

There are certain pieces of safety equipment required around pools such as ladders, depth markers, drain covers, and lights. Make sure that all of these pieces are functioning properly. Injuries can occur if safety equipment is in disrepair or not present. If your child was injured in a pool that had improper or broken safety equipment, call a swimming pool accident lawyer in Arizona.

Keep the Pool Clean

Without proper maintenance, pools can become cloudy and lack visibility. The lack of visibility can create dangerous situations for swimmers and supervisors. When the pool becomes cloudy, it is difficult to see when a swimmer is struggling underwater and can make it difficult to find someone who goes underwater. The cloudiness can also hide underwater obstructions. Call an Arizona personal injury attorney if you or a loved one have been injured in a cloudy pool.

Call a Lawyer if a Pool Accident or Injury Occurs

If your child has been injured in a pool accident, you should contact an experienced attorney. Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra has years of experience fighting for and winning for his clients. Call 1-800-555-0101 today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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