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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

Swimming pool accidents are caused all too often by dangerous conditions, lack of guard rails, lack of fencing or a failure to provide a lifeguard or the failure to monitor individuals in the pool.

Additionally, when children or weak swimmers, especially in deep water potion of a pool should be monitored closely, or even when that are in shallow water while playing, inattentiveness while children are playing or swimming, or other unsafe conditions in or near a swimming pool can cause serious injuries and often permanent injuries that require immediate medical attention or CPR by paramedics at the pool location and treatment at a hospital deserve the careful review by an experienced attorney.

A minor, a child or other person in a house, apartment building, apartment complex, hotel, motel, recreation area, public swimming pool, high school, college, university, condominium, or other public swimming area who has suffered a loss as a result of an accident may have permanent brain damage, severe injuries, or even suffer from wrongful death, needs an honest, experienced and aggressive accident lawyer fighting for them.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers understand your needs and is here to help you and family through the process of being injured in a swimming pool accident or losing a loved one, child, brother, sister, daughter, or son to a swimming pool drowning accident. We will represent you and your family on any lawsuits, insurance claims, insurance companies and insurance adjusters so that you can focus on getting better or coping with your loss.

A life guard who may have rendered first aid to a victim of a drowning or other outdoor pool accident may be a witness to an accident and may be a valuable asset in your case. If a life guard was not present, the owner, manager, or host of the party, house, apartment complex, hotel, motel, recreation area, apartment building, condominium, or public swimming area, may be liable for failure to have provided a life guard in an area where children are at play.

Swimming pools occur all too often where parties and barbeques get out of hand and people fail to properly monitor guests and children who are playing outdoors near a swimming pool or diving board. Places that invite children to play in or near a pool need to have warning signs, protective covers on swimming pools, lifeguards, fencing, gates, and other safeguards to keep children safe from the risk of drowning.

Failure to post such warnings, provide lifeguards, or safely protect unmonitored children from falling into a pool may lead to liability and the owner, manager, or host of the party may be held responsible and liable for damages to injured victim of a drowning accident and the victim’s family if the victim unfortunately drowned to death in a swimming pool accident.

A victim who has been who is injured in a swimming pool accident is at risk for many serious injuries.

A victim’s head, neck, and arms are the most likely to be injured in a swimming pool accident. Often, people endure severe bodily injuries such as:

  • Drowning
  • Wrongful Death
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Coma
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Fractured Bones

If you or someone you know was injured in an accident while swimming in a pool, or near a pool, please contact us at 800-862-1260

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