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Pool and Spa Entrapment Dangers

Sadly, swimming pool accidents still happen more often than they should. Because of the sometimes brutal summer heat and perpetual humidity, Texas has an ever-growing amount of backyard swimming pools. The Central Texas region of San Antonio is no exception. Carabin Shaw has attorneys standing by in San Antonio for cases related to the potential dangers of pool ownership. If you or a loved one has endured the repercussions of a pool-related mishap in San Antonio, a San Antonio swimming pool accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw is here to help you. Pool and spa entrapment dangers are often overlooked; all it takes is one accident to remind a pool owner what sort of hazards may be brought on by this sort of negligence or inattentiveness to safety precautions. Our lawyers know this, and as knowledgeable attorneys with more than 20 years of experience, Carabin Shaw is here for you.

The suction drains on older, less safe pools, and even some newer pools can be dangerous. If you notice a spa or pool with a missing or broken drain cover, you should report it immediately. All pool owners need to make sure newer, safer drain covers are in place. As a pool owner, if you update these drain covers appropriately, chances are you will equip your pool drain with a newer, dome-shaped cover instead of the older, more dangerous flat drain covers. An even better and more effective alternate for new drain covers is installing a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). An SVRS is a device that will automatically shut off the pool pump if any type of blockage is detected. If you own a pool, you should always plainly mark the location of the electrical cut off switch for the pool or spa pump. Beyond this, you should have a professional regularly inspect your pool or spa regularly for entrapment or entanglement hazards that can hinder proper functioning.

In the case that someone is trapped against a drain, there should always be an emergency cut off switch at the power source in order to cut off the pump immediately in the event of any pool and spa entrapment dangers. Instead of trying to pull the subject away from the potentially powerful drain suction, your best option to resolve the issue is to place your hand between the drain and the person’s body in order to break the seal and stop the suction. The most susceptible demographic for an accident like this are children, who are often unaware of the danger a pool drain may pose. Many times they are inexperienced swimmers and do not know how to handle themselves and cannot control their bodies in case of a water-related emergency.

Unfortunately, the number of children drowning in inflatable pools has increased significantly. These pools, which range in size from small wading pools to 4-foot-deep, 18-foot-wide above-ground pools, have grown much more popular over the past several years. These sort of options seem like ideal alternatives to in-ground pools for many reasons. They are cheaper to install, cheaper to maintain, cheaper to take care of, smaller, and they require less maintenance. They also come with lower obligation, as an above-ground or inflatable pool can potentially be removed at any time. But these types of pools have also gotten larger and accordingly more dangerous.

Because inflatable pools have become larger, owners many times do not empty them over night, which increases risk. Additionally, the larger the above-ground pool, the bigger and more powerful all supplemental drains and pumps must be to support the size of the pool. With this increase in power comes an increase in a child’s chances to be dragged underwater by the drain’s suction. Our attorneys will fight at all costs for your rights if you find yourself in a pool and spa hazard-related case.

If you have been affected by a pool accident in any way due to pool and spa entrapment dangers in San Antonio, call the lawyers at Carabin Shaw. Your initial consultation is free.

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