Swimming Pool Tragedies

Homes across the Southwest portion of the United States have the largest concentrations of swimming pools in the country. Unfortunately, swimming pool accidents are occurring on a regular basis throughout the Southwest.  These swimming Pool Accidents are causing serious injury and even death. Because most swimming pool accidents that are occurring are avoidable it is important to contact our Firm to learn about your rights.

Our lawyers have years of experience handling representing the injured and wrongfully killed. The Laws regarding this type of loss can be complicated it is important to contact a law firm that can give your answers.

 Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of 14. Every year more than 1,000 children die and thousands more are hospitalized due to swimming pool accidents. Because most swimming pool accidents are avoidable it is always important to have our accident attorneys on your side.

Recoverable damages associated with swimming pool accidents and injuries may be able to compensate the victim for medical expenses, trauma, pain and suffering, mental distress, wrongful death, financial losses and more. A swimming pool accident lawsuit can also ensure that more people, adults and children, are not harmed in similar ways.

Swimming pool accidents occur for many reasons: a lack of proper supervision or lifeguard, warning signs, unsafe depths, chemical imbalances in the water, diving, slipping near the pool's edge, improperly functioning pool equipment, water temperature and more. Laws differ whether a pool is a residential pool or a business related pool, such as one at a gym, motel, or hotel. 
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