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Safety Recalls: Trek Recalls 9.8 Superfly FS SL, X1 and XT Bicycles

Safety Recalls: Trek Recalls 9.8 Superfly FS SL, X1 and XT bicycles

On 2015-08-26, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a Federal Agency, published a notice of recall about Trek “9.8 Superfly XT, X1, SL and FS” bikes. This was because of a potential crash and fall hazard. These products were sold new from the store or web site on or about September of 2014 for around $3500 to $5300.

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About 300 different bike units have involvement in this Trek manufactured bike recall. You can l earn more and you can find out what you should do if you own one of these products below.

This is the 14th Federal issued recall of retail products in the “Bicycles, Bikes & Accessories” category of products in 2015. Since 2005, the CPSC has issued approximately 180 of the same type of recall. These recalls involved almost 4 million units or products.

Note: The recalling company probably did not provide images for every recalled model. Please look through the descriptions below.

Company Contact Information:

Website for the Company issuing the recall: trekbikes.com

Telephone number for the Company issuing the recall: 800.373.4594

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What Exactly are the Details of the Problem With These Bikes?

The installed seat post of your bike can break. It can also crack. Either of these causes the rider to be at hazard for a fall.

How do I Know if I or my Loved one Owns This Type of Product?

This particular recall involves, among others, the “model year,” a term of art for the manufacturer, of 2015 Trek labelled 9.8 Superfly XT, X1, SL and FS bikes originally built and equipped with Bontrager Company Approved “Carbon” posts for the seats. Recalled bikes are labelled with serial numbers which end in J and/or K. This serial number can be found on the lower part, or bottom, of the frame of the bike. Superfly XT, X1 or FS, is visible atop the top tube of the bicycle. The word “Trek” is on the “downtube” of the frame in printed letters. "Bontrager Carbon" is on the seat post in printed letters.

These bikes were sold as new at Bicycle stores across the nation and Texas starting in September 2014 and ending in July 2015. The X1 and XT cost about $3,500. The FS and SL models were about $5,300. These prices are approximate and may have been a little higher or lower depending on the exact location and exact retailer.

What are my Options if I or my Loved one Owns one of These Recalled Products?

First, immediately cease and desist from using the bike.

The CPSC gives out the following information regarding remedies:

All consumers and users should stop at once using the bicycles subject to the recall. Then you should contact your nearest or most convenient officially authorized retailer who sells Trek bikes. The dealer will issue a free seat post to replace the old one. You also may get a coupon worth $20.00 good toward purchase of any merchandise made by Bontrager, the actual manufacturer who made the bikes.

If you or a loved one has been injured on one of these bikes, you should contact an experienced products liability attorney. That attorney can explain your options for getting compensation for your injuries and possibly getting your medical bills paid.

Call us at Carabin Shaw. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 800-862-1260.

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