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Trek Bike Recall Attorneys

One unfortunate person riding a Trek bicycle became a quadriplegic immediately after suffering an accident while on the bike. In another case, a rider broke his wrist, and a third person riding a Trek bike suffered lacerations to the face among other injuries.

The company that makes Trek products got reports that the evidence showed that these injuries were probably caused by a “skewer” or “quick-release” mechanism that got stuck causing the brake system to malfunction. The Trek bike’s manufacturer digested this information and decided to recall almost one million bikes to replace the brake system levers. However, some of the recalled bicycles were sold more than 10 years ago.

If you or your loved one suffered injury because of one of the bicycles at issue, you might be one of those with the right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the trek bicycle.

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Trek has Recalled Nearly one Million Bikes

According to the United States “Consumer Product Safety Commission” (CPSC), a Federal agency, Trek bikes which have been equipped with a disc brake system and also have “quick release” levers controlling the front wheel are probably included in this particular recall.

The problem is that the quick release lever, if it is not set up and calibrated properly, can open up farther it should (to a full 180 degree position from closed) to make unintended contact with the mechanism which controls the brakes. Then, the front wheel either stops turning or separates itself from the frame. The unfortunate bike rider is then likely to be thrown over bike’s handlebars or otherwise to suffer an injury.

The company which manufactures the Trek brand has claimed that this release lever is not proven defective. Despite this they are issuing replacement parts to put in another release lever which poses, they claim, no more than the same level of risk. This recall includes bikes from the “model years” listed as 2000 to 2015 that, per the CPSC, are built with “front disc brakes and a black or silver quick release lever on the front wheel hub that opens far enough to contact the disc brake.” This allegedly defective release lever needs to be able to open a complete 180 degree rotation from its closed position.

This particular recall covers roughly 900,000 bicycles in the United States and at least 98,000 bikes in Canada.

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3 Good Reasons for You to File a Trek Bike Injury Lawsuit

Consumers such as you may ask yourselves why Trek waited for so long to recall these bikes, especially considering that this lever has existed on these bikes since the year 2000. The company that builds the Trek brand has claimed that it only became aware recently of the potential problem with this part.

Other people may have suffered similar injuries. They just didn’t bother report them or file a lawsuit. Those who suffered injuries such as these may be able to file suit against Trek for any of the following three good reasons:

  1. If you own a bike that is included in this recall: People who own or regularly use a Trek brand bike included in this recall have been at risk for injury, unknowingly, since they purchased the bike at issue.
  2. If you suffered real injury because you rode one of these bikes: If you suffered an incident when the front wheel stopped suddenly or your bicycle stopped moving for unknown reasons may have not realized that this lever caused your accident and injuries.
  3. If You have good evidence of your injuries and the accident: People such as you who have good records of the medical care they go after a Trek bike accident, in addition to any evidence tending to show that the “quick-release” wheel lever may have had involvement, may well be in position to use that evidence in court to support their case.

You or your love one may have noticed that the release lever was caught up in the disc brake rotor after an accident Also, you might have been injured when your front wheel came off for no apparent reason.

Those who think that there may have been an accident which could have been caused by this defective brake lever, and who unfortunately suffered from serious personal injuries because of this accident, should really talk to an experienced attorney about they or their loved one’s rights. Although it may seem that Trek is taking action in response to the reported injuries, they have ongoing responsibilities to ensure that their bicycles were made correctly in the first place. Replacement of defective parts is ok, but they should be because these improved parts were not installed on these bicycles years ago.

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