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Swimming Pool Safety Tips | Arizona Accident Attorney

In Arizona, our swimming pools are very important to us. They provide us with quick relief from the intense southwestern heat and give us a place to bring our families together. However, pools can also present serious risks, and all pool owners need to take the utmost care to prevent accidents.

Unfortunately, not all pool owners take the necessary precautions, and accidents do in fact happen. In such circumstances, hiring a swimming pool accident lawyer in Arizona may be necessary. If you or a loved one has suffered from a recent pool injury, Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra is ready and willing to guide you on your path to justice and the compensation you deserve. In order to reduce the risk for future swimmers, we have provided a list of swimming pool safety tips.

Safety Tips to Keep a Pool Safe for Swimmers

The Pool Must Be Enclosed with a Fence or Barrier

It is required in Arizona to enclose a pool in a fence or barrier that is at least five feet tall. This is essential to keep young children from getting into the pool, who can fall into the water and may not be able to get out. The fence or barrier’s gate needs to open outward as well. If a pool failed to meet these requirements and has resulted in a swimming pool accident, contact an Arizona Accident attorney immediately.

Do Not Swim Alone

Swimming alone greatly increases the risk of injury and, in the worst of scenarios, death. Always make sure to swim with a partner, so if something does happen, there is another person present to seek help. The choice to swim alone or to swim with a partner can have serious consequences.

Avoid Diving, Especially in Shallow Water

Diving is a very dangerous activity, and it should be avoided in pools. Jumping headfirst into the water can cause head trauma in the event of a person’s head colliding with the bottom of the pool. Such head trauma can lead to many serious conditions, such as concussions, memory loss, behavior changes, motor ability changes, and in the worst case, death. If a pool does not exhibit a sign prohibiting diving, you may want to contact a lawyer.

Avoid Running Near Pools

The surface around a pool can easily become slippery and dangerous to swimmers, especially with young children who are prone to excitement and running. When they come out of the pool, their feet will be wet, and running with those wet feet can easily cause a slip. Slipping and falling on a hard surface can lead to head injury, bone fractures, and a great number of other serious medical conditions.

When is the Owner of the Pool Liable for an Accident or Injury?

Any owner of a pool bears the responsibility of keeping that pool safe and secure. Obeying all state requirements regarding fences, gates, and others are essential to keeping our neighborhoods safe, and if those measures are not followed, the pool owner is liable. If you are unsure about whether or not you have a potential claim, contact a pool accident lawyer in Arizona who can review your case.

According to the attractive nuisance doctrine, a pool owner can also be responsible for the injury of a child, even if that child was not formally invited into the pool because the pool was not fully safeguarded.

Seeking an Arizona Accident Attorney? Call Trusted Attorney Jesse Guerra

If you feel that you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a pool that lacked the proper protections or supervisions, you should enlist the services of a swimming pool accident lawyer. Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra is experienced, capable, and eager to assist you. As a part of the renowned Carabin Shaw firm, Guerra guarantees individual attention while fighting for the compensation and justice you deserve.

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